Process a pay run


  • Learn how to process a pay run. 

Why process a pay run? 

Process a pay run for your business so that your employees are accurately paid for the work they have performed.  

Note: If you don’t have Wiise payroll setup, follow the setup guide  to set it up.  You’d need to be set up as a Payroll Officer in Wiise.  

How to process a pay run? 

To process a pay run, you need to first prepare and complete a payrun in Wiise Payroll and post the payroll journals in Wiise.  

Here are the steps to follow: 

  1. Create a pay run in Wiise Payroll: Before you create a pay run in Wiise Payroll, you’d need to check if timesheets have been approved. Ensure that all timesheets for the relevant pay period have been approved. Then proceed to create a pay run.  
  2. Review and finalise pay run in Wiise Payroll: Review the pay run details in Wiise payroll. Once you’re satisfied with your review, finalise the pay run. This process imports the Pay Run ID details into Wiise.  
  3. Post payroll journals in Wiise: Import transactions and post the pay run journal in Wiise. You can update the payroll setup to enable the Auto Post Payroll Journals toggle button after you’ve imported transactions or manually review and post the payroll journals.    
  4. Generate pay slips and make payment: Generate pay slips for employees when you finalise the pay run in Wiise payroll. You can choose to print or email directly from Wiise Payroll, and this depends on how you’ve set up Wiise payroll. Proceed to make payments to employees.  
  5. File Reports: Depending on your requirements, you may need to file reports with the ATO. You can send Single Touch Payroll (STP) directly to ATO from Wiise Payroll or ask a registered Tax or Bas agent to report the STP data to ATO.  

Note: With single touch payroll (STP), the payroll file is sent to the ATO with the PAYG information. These entries must be reflected correctly on the bank account reconciliation in Wiise.  


What’s next? 

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