FAQ Warehouse OnTime


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Which barcode types are supported by the Wiise Warehouse OnTime? 

All common barcode symbologies including GTIN, UPC, EAN, ITF14, QR Code, and Code128, and catered for in this release. 


Do I need to enter the barcodes somewhere in Wiise?  

You’d need to enter your existing product barcodes in the item reference field of your items in Wiise.  


Can I use Warehouse OnTime with the existing barcodes on my products?  

Yes, you can use barcodes from your existing products as long as they are entered in Wiise in the item reference field for the relevant items.  


Do I need to generate new barcodes for all my products if I use Warehouse OnTime?  

You’d only need to generate new barcodes where your products don’t already have a barcode assigned to them. 


Do we only scan bins during put-away?  

You’d only need to scan your bins before completing a put-away using the Warehouse OnTime App.  


Will picks be created for items not in stock?  

Inventory picks will not be created for items not in stock as there will be nothing to handle.  

What license do I need to use the OnTime app? 

You can use any Wiise licenses to access the Wiise Mobile Warehouse OnTime app. This is available to Wiise subscribers with Premium or Business editions who have Full user licenses, Team Member licenses or Device licenses. 


What Wiise modules can I use in the OnTime app? 

You can use all four different modules in the OnTime app. These include Pick, Put-away, Stocktake and Adjustment. 


Why am I getting a user access error on the OnTime app? 

You must be set up as a warehouse employee to access the OnTime app. Please get in touch with your supervisor if you see this pop-up. 


What are the offline capabilities of the OnTime app? 

The Wiise Warehouse OnTime app currently does not support offline features. If you’re having trouble with your device's WiFi connectivity, please get in touch with your admin who can assist you. 


Does Wiise Warehouse OnTime support Unit of Measure? 

Yes. Wiise Warehouse Supports different Units of Measure (UOM) that may be set up for the item. The Pick or Put away reflects the UOM that is specified on the line of the source document.  

For example, you may have an item with a base UOM of EACH, order by the CASE, and sell by the EACH or 6 PACK.  

The put away will display the qty of CASES that are delivered, and the pick will display the qty either EACHES or 6 PACKS that are required, depending on how the Sales Order was created.  

The conversion back to the base UOM is all handed by Wiise. 


How can I generate barcodes?  

Barcodes can be generated from an online generator. You will be able to enter in the data you wish to use as the barcode. It is recommended you print off the barcodes and apply them to items and bin locations to scan from the app. 


Does the OnTime app support variant codes? 

Yes, OnTime supports item variants. The item variants will display under order or item details on open tasks on the app.

To set up item variants, follow this guide here: Create Item Variants using Variant Options 


Do I need to complete anything on Wiise? 

Yes, documents will need to be created from Wiise for picks, put aways and stocktakes. Once the task is done, it will sync back into Wiise. Depending on your function settings (save & post), this will either save back to the original document or post into a journal.

Read more here Wiise Warehouse OnTime End-to-End | Wiise ERP Desktop 


Can I control what access users have? 

Yes, you can assign one of three user mobile permissions for OnTime users which controls what they can access on the OnTime app. You can control what tables users can access in Wiise.

Read more here: How to add users to Wiise Warehouse OnTime 


How can I unassign a task from a user? 

You can unassign a task from a user following this guide here: How to remove a task from a team member in Wiise Warehouse OnTime


How can I navigate the app? 

The OnTime app has a user-friendly interface. This includes: 

  • Seeing which tasks are a priority. 
  • Seeing what tasks there are to complete. 
  • Easily change and choose which environments and companies to work from 
  • Use your device camera or connected laser to scan barcodes? 
  • Auto-assign a document to users who open a task. 
  • Document box indicator to see what has or hasn’t been started and what is urgent. 
  • Search to easily find what task or item you need. 
  • Change bin to place or grab an item from 
  • Split a line item while completing a task. 
  • Filter on various attributes. 


Read about how to navigate the app here: Navigating Wiise Warehouse OnTime 

For any questions, reach out to us at support@wiise.com