Create Item Variants using Variant Options

What are item variants?

Item variants are a great way to keep your list of products under control. For example, you may have items that are almost identical and vary only in colour and size.  

Variant Options allow for fast item creation by combining the selected values for any number of variant options and will create a unique code for each combination.  

Variant Options are assigned by Item Category.  


Add Variant Options

  1. Select the Search icon and type Variant Options, then choose the related link. 
  2. Select New 
  3. Enter a unique name for the Variant option 
  4. Enter the default number of characters that the variant option value will contribute to the variant code.  For example, if the variant option value is ‘Orange’, entering User No. Chars to ‘3’ will append ORA to the variant code.  This is a default setting only and can be overridden in the event that duplicate values are created. 
  5. Select the Variant Option Values button 
  6. Enter all of the values that relate to this particular variant option.  Eg Small, Medium, Large. A value code will be created automatically containing the number of characters that was specified in the previous screen. If a unique value cannot be derived, this will need to be entered manually.  The default value can also be overridden, eg for Extra Large you may use XL instead of the first 2 characters EX. 
Create Item Variants
  1. Select the Search icon and type Items / Variants, then choose the related link. 
  2. Select Getting Started and click on Load Items & Variants. 
  3. Select the arrow next to the Item Category name to expand the item category to view the items contained within that category. 
  4. Select the arrow next to the Item Code to expand the Item and view any variants that have already been created for that item. 
  5. Select the row for the item to create variants for 
  6. Select Items from the Action Bar and click on Create Variants using Options 
  7. The Variant Option Values are listed for each of the Variant Options that apply to the Item Category.  If certain Variant Options Values do not apply to the particular item, select Edit List from the Action Bar and deselect the Variant Options Values that do not apply. 
  8. Select OK 
  9. Variants will be automatically created using the combinations of variant options that you've set up on the item category.  

Read more about the Items / Variants page.