Wiise New Zealand | September 2023

Introducing Wiise to New Zealand

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We are thrilled to announce the arrival of Wiise in the ERP market of New Zealand, marking a significant milestone in our journey to empower businesses with smart business management technology. 

This first release brings a new, updated version of Wiise, built for New Zealand businesses, including: 

  • NZ-specific charts of account
  • NZ EFT payments
  • Financial reporting
  • Wiise Payroll

Wiise is built on the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 22.5.

KPMG-designed New Zealand Charts of Account

Wiise has worked closely with KPMG New Zealand to design six industry-specific charts of accounts for NZ customers. All of these charts of accounts include local New Zealand accounting requirements such as KiwiSaver.

EFT Payments

Pay your suppliers and settle your payments quickly with eight New Zealand EFT payment types available in Wiise:

  • ANZ Domestic Payments

  • EFT Westpac Deskbank

  • ASB Standard Bulk Payments

  • BNZ Direct Credits

  • EFT ANZ/BNS/Kiwibank



  • ABA

Read more about Wiise EFT here.

New Zealand-specific financial reporting and customer documents

Wiise reports have been updated to align with New Zealand requirements. We have designed new customer documents specifically for New Zealand businesses including sales quotes, sales invoices and remittance advice. Wiise Reports have also been updated to meet New Zealand reporting requirements, including catering New Zealand GST and customer statements. 

Wiise Payroll for New Zealand businesses

Wiise Payroll is a complete cloud payroll system. Wiise Payroll is designed to save you time, make paying your employees faster and streamline processes. It lets you manage employee details, process pay runs, and record employee expenses all in one integrated solution.

Wiise Payroll automates manual processes and ensures compliance with New Zealand legislative requirements, including the Holidays Act, KiwiSaver and New Zealand Inland Revenue. Wiise Payroll includes automatic notifications, an employee self-service portal, manager approvals, automated payroll journal postings, and automated compliance.

Wiise Payroll can be added as an extra to your Wiise account and is available in two license types, Essentials and Plus. Read more about Wiise Payroll for New Zealand businesses here.

    Other New Zealand functionality and localisation

    Wiise also includes a range of New Zealand-specific functionality, including: 

    • Goods and Services Tax Posting
    • Settlement Exchange Rates for GST Entries
    • Cheque Instalments
    • Calculating Distribution Amounts
    • New Zealand Inland Revenue Department Numbers and Adjustment Notes

    Find out more about New Zealand localisations here


    With Wiise NZ, you can connect to other systems through the Microsoft AppSource.

    This includes existing Wiise integrations:

    Other Wiise Features

    You also have access to all our other Wiise features as part of your Wiise license. To find out more about other Wiise features, go to wiise.com.


    We hope Wiise can help New Zealand businesses as it has for many Australian businesses. We have a help library where you can find information on all Wiise features and previous release notes.

    If you have any questions, please reach out to our support team at support@wiise.com.