Use the Wiise Command Centre


  • Learn how to use the Wiise Command Centre.  

Why use the Wiise Command Centre? 

The Wiise Command Centre brings in a digital user account experience which includes signing into Wiise and accessing tools available, finding relevant knowledge base articles, enhance employees learning experience and easily access Wiise payroll or request support.  

How do I get started? 

  1. Log into with your Wiise Microsoft log in details.  
  2. Then, fill in a short form about yourself.  
    One time onboarding WCC
    Note: This is a one-time action only and applies when you first log into the Wiise Command Centre. 
  3. Select the tick boxes with what you’ll use Wiise for. 
  4. If you’re using Wiise for other purposes that’s not on the tick boxes, please specify in the space provided.  
  5. Select the tick box to agree to the Wiise Privacy Statement
  6. Select Submit when you’ve completed the form.  
  7. You’ll be taken to the Wiise Command Centre dashboard.  
    Wiise Command Centre dashboard

How to use the Wiise Command Centre? 

The Wiise Command Centre contains sections for different activities, providing a brief overview of each activity for selection. Select an activity to learn more. 

Here’s a list of activities you can engage in at the Wiise Command Centre.  

  1. ERP Desktop: Select this activity to navigate to Wiise ERP. Based on the Wiise role and permissions you’ve been assigned, you can access Wiise and get started.   
  2. Payroll: Select this activity to log into Wiise Payroll. Based on the role and permissions you’ve been assigned in Wiise Payroll, you can manage leave, timesheets, pay slips, and more. Find out everything you need to know about Wiise Payroll.  
  3. Knowledge Base: Find self-help guides from the Wiise knowledge base. View the featured guides that appear on your Wiise Command Centre activity or select See articles to view more.  

    Note: All guides are based on standard processes. These processes do not cover specific processes developed or built for your business. Always ensure that you are using processes developed with your business in mind by your team and system implementation partners. 
  4. Engage in our Wiise Academy courses:  Wiise Academy courses are role specific to your business ranging from Accountants to Warehouse Manager, Account Payables Officer and more. Complete the interactive courses and quizzes to get your Wiise certificate.  
  5. System Status: Regular system status updates allow you to stay informed on how the Wiise systems are performing. Select See updates to view the Wiise system updates website. 

    Note: Use the System Status Update space to check if you’re experiencing any disruptions and reach out to us for further support if needed. Check system status reports published daily at 9am, Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. 

    Note: Subscribe to the system status updates so you’ll receive email updates.  
  6. Support:  Find out how you can report a Wiise issue with your Support services partner.  

Need more help?  

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