Setup bank feeds for Wiise NZ


  • Enable bank feed in Wiise from your Wiise landing page (role centre). 

Note: Only a Business Manager role or Accountant role can review and accept Wiise’s NZ Privacy Policy to enable the bank feed feature.  

Why enable bank feed in Wiise? 

A bank feed is a list of transactions from your bank account that links directly into Wiise through a data feed.  By setting up automated bank feeds, you no longer need to manually download bank statements from your online banking and import them into Wiise.     

Bank feeds include transactions such as payments, cash receipts, fees & interest. These transactions are automatically downloaded into Wiise each day. You can set up a Bank Account Reconciliation or Payment Reconciliation Journal for matching, reconciling and posting to your bank accounts.  

How to enable bank feed in Wiise? 

Note: You can enable bank feeds from the Wiise landing page (role centre) or by searching for Wiise Bank Feeds on the top right-hand corner of the page.  

  1. Select the Enable bank feeds button on Wiise Insights which can be found on your Wiise landing page (role centre).  

    Enable Bank Feeds 1

  2. The Wiise Privacy Policy: New Zealand displays. At the bottom of the page, the Accept button is greyed out. Select the tick box to acknowledge the terms and conditions. Then, select Accept to complete the approval of the policy.  
    Enable Bank Feed 2 Privacy Policy
  3. You’re done. Bank feed is enabled on Wiise. Select OK to close the page.

    Enable Bank Feed done
  4. You have now enabled the bank feed features. 

What’s next? 

Now that you’ve enabled the bank feed features, you can add a bank account to your bank feed.  


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