Set up your bank feeds Wiise 23.1


  •  Set up bank feeds for your bank account in Wiise 


Note: When you've migrated to Wiise 2.0, you'd need to enable bank feeds first then set up your bank accounts

Why set up bank feeds? 

A bank feed is a list of transactions from your bank account that links directly into Wiise through a data feed.  By setting up automated bank feeds, you no longer need to manually download bank statements from your online banking and import them into Wiise.   

Wiise relies on SISS Data Services (SISS) a third-party data aggregator, to collect transaction data from many Australian financial institutions and make it available to Wiise.  

Bank feeds include all transactions, including payments, cash receipts, fees & interest. These transactions are automatically downloaded into Wiise each day. You can set up a Bank Account Reconciliation or Payment Reconciliation Journal for matching, posting and reconciling your bank accounts. 

Note: Bank transaction feeds are updated each morning at 9am with data from the previous day. There is a second check at 1pm for any delayed data that missed the 9am feed. 

Which bank accounts support bank feeds?

If you’re unsure whether you can set up a bank feed from your bank, reach out to Wiise Support and we’ll check for you. You'll find more details about eligibility on ACSISS. 

Note: Credit Cards are not supported by SISS. These will need to be manually imported.  

How to set up bank feeds?  

The process to register your bank feed should take between 5-10 business days. Here’s what you need to do to get started:  

  1. Select Bank Accounts from your landing page menu or search for it using the search at the top right-hand corner. 
  2. Select the bank account from the list page by selecting the hyperlinked row in the No. Column to edit the bank account. Alternatively, select the vertical three dots on the row of your bank account between the No. column and Name column.  
  3. Then, select Edit in the drop-down menu. 
    Register Account
  4. You’d need to create a bank account if the bank account is not available in your bank account list.  
  5. Select the Bank Statement Service menu and from the drop down, select Register Account.  
    Register Account

    Note: If the Register Account menu item doesn’t appear then your Bank Branch No. (BSB) isn’t supported for bank feeds. Re-check your bank details to make sure your BSB and Bank Account No. are correct.  

    Note: If you have any issues at this point, please reach out to Wiise Support so we can check with SISS for you. 
  6. Once you’ve selected the Register Account, a partially completed PDF form will be generated for you to download and save it to your PC. The form would have partially completed details from the creation of your bank account.  
  7. The registration process varies by bank. For some, you’ll need to complete and sign the PDF form and return it to SISS, while with some banks you can complete an online process to activate your feed. 
  8. SISS will contact your bank to set up the data feed and check the authority on the account.  

    Note: Please make sure to include the signatures of all signatories who are registered for the business bank accounts on the registration form. It's important to ensure that all necessary parties have authorised the registration process. 
  9. When SISS registers your data feed successfully, your Bank Feed Status will show an Active status and transaction data should start showing on the Bank Feed Entries screen within 24 hours.

    Bank Feed Status Active
    1. Go to your Bank Account Card and select Bank Statement Service. 

      Bank Statement Service
    2. Select Bank Feed Entries. You’ll see a list of transactions imported from SISS for this bank account.  

      Bank Feed Entries

    Note: During the bank feed registration process, you can check the Bank Feed status of your bank account to track the progress.
  10. You’re done. If you see the Bank Feed Status of your bank account as Active, you’ll be able to see your active daily bank feed entries in Wiise within 24 hours.

    Bank Feed Status Active


What's next?  

Now you know how bank feeds work, you’re ready to reconcile your bank account via the bank account reconciliation or payment reconciliation journals. 


Need more help?  

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