October 2023 | Wiise Warehouse OnTime 1.1

Image of a iPhone with item tracking opened of the Wiise Warehouse OnTime app

We're excited to bring you our first update to the Wiise Warehouse OnTime app. This release adds four new features, including item tracking.

Many of these enhancements were suggested by our dedicated beta program participants and implementation partners. Thank you very much for your feedback!

New Features

Item Tracking 1.0

Item Tracking is now supported in the Wiise Warehouse OnTime app.

Item Tracking in the Wiise Warehouse OnTime app allows you to assign lot and serial numbers to inventory in your warehouse, giving you enhanced visibility and end-to-end traceability.

This OnTime item tracking will allow you to:

  • Record serial, lot and package numbers on a put away.
  • Select serial, lot and package numbers on a pick.
  • Select serial and lot numbers on a stocktake.

Before using item tracking in OnTime, you'll need to set item tracking up on your Wiise Desktop. Item tracking in Wiise is set up from the Item Tracking codes page on the Wiise Desktop. From this page, you can create and customise the settings for each tracking code according to your warehouse's specific needs. To enable Item Tracking for an item, you can set tracking codes at the item card level. These codes define the type of tracking (serial, lot, or package) for each item. Find out more about how to set up item tracking here

The configuration of serial and lot settings which is supported by this version of item tracking in OnTime is as follows:

  • Serial Number: SN Specific Tracking and SN Warehouse Tracking
  • Lot Number: Lot Specific Tracking and Lot Warehouse Tracking
  • Package Number: Package Specific Tracking and Package Warehouse Tracking

The OnTime 1.1 September 2023 release does not include the ability to record expiry and warranty dates on a put away and is not compatible where item tracking is specified on a sales order or purchase order from the Wiise desktop.

If you have any questions about setting up item tracking in Wiise Desktop or OnTime, please contact your Wiise services partner or find more information via our help guides here.

Enter quantities using the keypad

Entering large numbers for item quantities is now even easier with the new update. When prompted to enter a quantity for an item, simply select the enter count box and the numeric keypad will appear. Tap the numeric digits to input the desired quantity, then confirm it and proceed with your task.

The onscreen numeric keypad is available for picks, put aways, and stocktakes.

Decimals are now supported for put away, pick, and adjustment

For items that may not be supplied or shipped in whole quantities, you can enter a number with a decimal amount to accurately track and maintain inventory levels. This is available when completing tasks in pick, put away and adjustments.

Stocktakes shown as complete in Wiise Desktop when saved in the app

When a completed stocktake is saved back to Wiise Desktop, the finish action will run. The stocktake will be saved from OnTime to Wiise Desktop and marked as finished. The finishing action will run on stocktakes when all lines have been recorded.

When completing a stocktake, the data and time will be recorded

When a user saves a stocktake recording from OnTime, the date and time are now updated on the Physical Inventory Order Recording in Wiise Desktop. These will be populated under the date and time fields on the recording in Wiise Desktop.

Scan items from the pick item list

When only one quantity of an item is required, the pick will now be complete after scanning the item. Previously, the pick item needed to be completed manually after scanning.

Bug fixes



The quantity selector displays before scanning the bin in a put away

When opening a put away item, the quantity selector will display before scanning the bin. This allows you to choose the quantity to put away in that bin before placing them.

Change bin put away update

Some users reported that the change bin function in put away was not working in certain circumstances. This has now been fixed.

"No search results" message appearing twice on screen when searching adjustments

When searching within adjustments, "No search results" message appeared twice on the screen. This has now been fixed.

What to expect after updating

After updating to version 1.1 of Wiise OnTime, the following setting values will reset to default values:

  • Default Item Journal Batch (Found on the Wiise Warehouse OnTime page).

  • Phys. Inventory Journal Batch (Found on the Wiise Warehouse OnTime page).

  • Priority Status Calculation: This will reset to 1D (Found on the Wiise Warehouse OnTime Function page).

  • Deleted Permission Sets will be reinserted (Found on the Wiise Warehouse OnTime Permission Set Page under Wiise Warehouse OnTime Permission entries).

You will need to update these setting values after updating OnTime in your environment. If you have not changed these settings in the Wiise OnTime set-up, there is no need to change the values in the fields. To fix the setting values after updating, follow these help guides:

Note: Wiise Warehouse OnTime version 1.1 is compatible with Apple devices with iOS version 12 to iOS 17