Raise a credit note using the Corrective Sales CR/Adj note action


  • Correct an unpaid posted sales invoice 

Why do we raise a credit note using the corrective sales CR/Adj note? 

A corrective sales CR/Adj note is used when: 

  1. your customer is requesting a partial credit for an invoice;
  2. your customer has paid an invoice but is requesting a credit on the same invoice;
  3. your customer has previously applied credit or cash receipts on an invoice but a credit is now required.

How to raise a credit note using the corrective sales CR/Adj note 

Note: If you know your posted sales invoice document number, you can search for the posted sales invoices list in the top right-hand corner of the page. 


Here, we’ll search for the posted sales invoices from the customer card.  

  1. From the Wiise landing page, select Customer
  2. Select your customer from the Customer list.  
  3. In the Customer Card, select Customer. Then select Ledger Entries
    sales invoice customer ledger entries
  4. The customer ledger entries display all the customer's transactions.  
  5. In the customer ledger entries list, filter the Document Type to Invoice. 
    Filter invoice 
  6. Select the posted sales invoice that needs to be corrected. 
  7. From the selected posted sales invoice page, select the Correct action. Then, select Create Corrective CR/Adj Note. 
    PSI Credit
  8. A new Sales CR/Adj Note is created. As the credit note is for the original full amount, you will need to adjust the quantity, price, or unit of measure. 
  9. When you’ve made your adjustment, select OK to continue with your changes or select Cancel to cancel the action.  
    PSI Credit 4
  10. The Posted Sales CR/Adj note is created. 

What’s next? 

Aside from the corrective sales CR/Adj note action, the other two options to correct your posted sales invoice are to Cancel or Correct action.    


Need more help?   

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