Raise a credit note using the Cancel action


  • Correct an unpaid posted sales invoice 

Why do we raise a credit note using the Cancel action? 

Sometimes invoices are posted in error or your customer requests for changes to an invoice. The credit note automatically gets created and posted with the Cancel action.  


Note: You can use the Cancel action for unpaid posted sales invoices. Once an invoice is partially or fully paid, you’d need to create a corrective sales CR/Adj note to raise a credit for the customer. You can also complete this action using the sales return order.   

How to raise a credit note using the Cancel action 

Note: If you know your posted sales invoice document number, you can search for the posted sales invoices list in the top right-hand corner of the page.  

Here, we’ll search for the posted sales invoices from the customer card.  

  1. From the Wiise landing page, select Customer. 
  2. Select your customer from the Customer list.  
  3. In the Customer Card, select Customer. Then select Ledger Entries
    sales invoice customer ledger entries
  4. The customer ledger entries display all the customer's transactions.  
  5. In the customer ledger entries list, filter the Document Type to Invoice. 
    Filter invoice
  6. Select the posted sales invoice that needs to be corrected. 
  7. From the selected posted sales invoice page, select the Correct action. Then, select Cancel. 
    PSI Cancel
  8. If you’re canceling a posted sales invoice that was posted from an order, the message box below pops up informing you that the posted sales invoice will be canceled, and a sales CR/Adj note will be created, posted, and reverse the posted sales invoice.   
    PSI Cancel 2
  9. Select Yes to continue or select No to cancel. 

    Note: When you select Yes, the posted sales invoice gets canceled, and a credit note will be automatically created to reverse the transaction. 
  10. When you continue, a message box pops up to inform you that a CR/Adj note was successfully created. Select Yes to open the posted CR/Adj Note or select No to stay on the page.   
    PSI Cancel 3
  11. When you select Yes to continue, the posted credit note opens. 

Note: You can view your canceled invoice from the Posted Sales CR/Adj Note by selecting the Cancel action. Then select Show Cancelled/Corrective Invoice. 

What's next?

After you’ve cancelled your sales invoice, you can now proceed to create a new sales order or a new sales invoice. Aside from the Cancel action, the other two options to correct your posted sales invoice are to Correct or create a corrective sales CR/Adj note.


Need more help?   

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