Install Wiise app updates to enable Wiise bank feeds


How to enable Wiise bank feeds for your customers?

To enable your customer to start using Wiise bank feeds with Yodlee, please ensure the following are set up. 

Note: Your customer environment must already be migrated to Wiise 2.0. If your customer is on the Wiise Application Family and has not migrated yet, please contact Wiise Support. 
  1. See the latest minimum Current Version 24.0.164
  2. The Application Family is now Business Central.
    wiise 2.0
  3. Then, from your M365 admin centre, select the Production link.
  4. Select Apps.
  5. Search for the Wiise and Wiise Australia apps. Install the updates. 
    install updates
  6. When the updates are installed, log into Wiise. 
  7. The Wiise SUPER user will need to re-register Wiise. 
    1. Search and select Wiise Azure Setup on the top right-hand corner of the page. 
    2. Select Actions. Then, select Register Wiise
      Note: Should the Function App Key field be blank, select Register Wiise again. 
  8. Go back to the Wiise landing page (role centre). 
  9. Your customer should now be able to see the Wiise Bank Feeds panel.

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