Cancel bank feeds Wiise 23.1


  • Learn how to cancel your SISS Bank Feeds. 

Note: Once you’ve migrated to Wiise 2.0, you’ll be unable to access SISS bank feeds on Wiise. Please cancel your active SISS bank feeds on the night before Wiise is scheduled to be migrated to Wiise 2.0.  

Note: Users assigned a Business Manager role or Accountant role have access to cancel bank feeds in Wiise. 

Why cancel bank feeds? 

Cancelling bank feeds prevents unauthorised access to your bank transactions. 

How to cancel bank feeds? 

  1. Select Bank Accounts on your Wiise landing page. The Bank Accounts page displays.  
    Cancel BA
  2. Select the relevant bank account No., field. The Bank Account Card displays.
  3. Select Bank Statement Service. Then, select Cancel.  
    Cancel BA2
  4. Your Bank Feed Status is changed from Active to Cancelled.  

Note: The bank feed cancellation process can take several days as SISS needs to contact your bank to finalise the cancellation. Once finalised, your bank feed status changes to Inactive

Note: If the Wiise 2.0 migration fails, Wiise will revert to version 23.1. If you need to reactivate canceled SISS bank feeds, it may take up to 48 hours (about 2 days) for them to show as active.

Contact  for assistance with reactivation. 


What’s next? 

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