What’s new in September 2021

Platform upgrade

We're upgrading the platform to Microsoft Dynamics Business Central v18.5


Feature enhancements

Improvements to the Wiise reporting pack

Our September release includes the following improvements to five income statement reports and five balance sheets reports. 

Layout improvements

    • Better distribution of content on each page.
    • Better visibility of filter selections.
    • Improvements to colours, contrast and text formatting.
    • Columns renamed for clarity.
    • The Show underline on Wiise report option is now available on every chart of accounts in Wiise.

New filters and options added to reports

    • Select the range and length of reporting periods using the new dropdown boxes.
    • Choose whether amounts are displayed as whole numbers or decimals. 
    • See all accounts with transactions, including those with zero balance, by selecting Show only lines with entries 

Improvements to the expenses integration 

  • We've added the Job No.Job Task No., and Job Line Type fields to help you record expenses and claims at the job level in Wiise.
  • We've added the Go to Expense menu to posted purchase invoices list, posted purchase invoice card and Job G/L Journal worksheet pages. This new menu will open the details of an expense claim.

Improvements to Wiise payroll

We've enhanced the payroll integration by adding employer liability categories to the pay run transactions import process. Select Get Accounts to add the employer liability lines to your G/L account setup.

New G/L account category 

We've created a new G/L account category called Term Deposit. Find it under Assets and Current Assets.

Import items and variants from CSV files into Wiise

If you have items on an external system such as Shopify, you can import those items, including their variants, to Wiise. 

Purchasing and assigning Wiise licenses 

We've removed the option to purchase and assign licenses on Wiise to ensure we help you choose the right licenses.

Going forward, you'll need to email the Wiise support to request new licenses. Our support team will also help you with assigning the licenses. 

Resolution of reported bugs

Unable to upload BPAY files without extension into NAB 

NAB customers using BPAY were unable to upload BPAY files with blank extension. We have now appended the file extension .bpb to every BPAY file generated in Wiise, regardless of the banking software being used.

Incorrect overdue purchase invoice amount shown in the accountant role center 

The system was showing incorrect overdue purchase invoice amounts on the dashboard under activities. This issue has been fixed.

Unable to print Wiise shipping label report without package tracking number 

When users attempted to print the Wiise shipping label report from a sales order and the package tracking number was blank, the report failed to print. This issue has been fixed.

Wrong balancing account number on payroll expense journals

If the account number was the same but the balancing account number was different to the G/L account setup, the system was populating the wrong balancing account number in the payroll expense journal lines when importing pay run transactions. This issue has been fixed.

Incorrect vendor names on vendor pre-payment journal report

Printing the vendor pre-payment journal report from the payment journal displayed incorrect vendor names if the document number was the same for all journal lines. This issue has been fixed.