How to import items and variants into Wiise

How to export your Shopify products to Excel

To import your items and variants into Wiise, you'll first need to export them from Shopify into Excel and format the file before it's ready to import into Wiise. Here are the steps you'll need to follow: 

1. Export your products from Shopify.

  1. Log in to your Shopify admin account.
  2. Select Products from the left-hand side and select All products.
  3. Select Export to export the selected products to a CSV file. 

2. Open the CSV file and delete the following columns:

  • Vendor
  • Tags
  • Custom Product Type
  • Published
  • Variant Grams
  • Variant Inventory Tracker
  • Variant Inventory Qty
  • Variant Inventory Policy
  • Variant Fulfillment Service
  • Variant Compare At Price
  • Variant Requires Shipping
  • Image Position
  • Image Alt Text
  • Gift Card
  • SEO Title
  • SEO Description
  • Google Shopping / Google Product Category
  • Google Shopping / Gender
  • Google Shopping / Age Group
  • Google Shopping / MPN
  • Google Shopping / AdWords Grouping
  • Google Shopping / AdWords Labels
  • Google Shopping / Condition
  • Google Shopping / Custom Product
  • Google Shopping / Custom Label 0
  • Google Shopping / Custom Label 1
  • Google Shopping / Custom Label 2
  • Google Shopping / Custom Label 3
  • Google Shopping / Custom Label 4
  • Variant Image
  • Variant Weight Unit
  • Variant Tax Code
  • Cost per item
  • Status

3. Rename the remaining 15 column headings (in row 1) to the following:  

  • Handle
  • Item Description
  • Item HTML Description
  • Item Category
  • Option1 Name
  • Option1 Value
  • Option2 Name
  • Option2 Value
  • Option3 Name
  • Option3 Value
  • Code
  • Price
  • Taxable
  • Variant Barcode
  • Picture

4. Save the file as an Excel spreadsheet (.xlsx).

How to import items and variants to Wiise

Once your items and variants are formatted correctly in the Excel file, you're ready to import it into Wiise.

From the Wiise role centre, search and select Import Items and Variants to Wiise

  1. Select the Excel file you just created. Ensure the file is saved as a .xlsx file and not .csv file. 
  2. Specify the default GST Prod. Posting Group. This will be assigned to the imported items.  
  3. Specify if pictures need to be imported from the external system into Wiise. If selected, please ensure the URL of the pictures for each item is correct in the Excel file. 
  4. Select Print or Preview & Close.
  5. Finally, a report with the summary of imported items and variants will be generated. 

Open the Items page to view your imported items.