What's new in October 2022

Wiise Purchase Requisitions is here!

We're excited to announce that Wiise Purchase Requisitions is now ready for release. Wiise Purchase Requisitions will be available to most Wiise customers with our October release scheduled for Thursday night, 20 October.

Wiise Purchase Requisitions allows users to request the purchase of goods or services in an internally controlled Purchase Requisition journal. Wiise Purchase Requisitions uses workflows to direct purchase requests to an approver. All approved requisitions will then automatically generate consolidated purchase orders ready for release.

The Purchase Requisition and Purchase Requisition Approval journals can be found under the Purchasing menu.

The Purchase Requisition journal includes the following fields:

  • Item Number
  • Item Description
  • Quantity
  • Unit of Measure Code
  • Direct Unit Cost*
  • Total Unit Cost
  • Location Code
  • Vendor No.
  • Vendor Name
  • Requester ID
  • Approver Name
  • Priority
  • Status
  • Purchase Order Status
  • Purchase Order No.

Note: The Direct Unit Cost field will only populate for items that have been requested at least once before and the Purchase Order has been invoiced. For items being requested for the first time, the Direct Unit Cost field will show a default value of 0. Here’s how you can get around this:

  • You can set the purchase price for items without a purchase history using the Purchase Price functionality in Wiise.
  • Alternatively, you can approve the purchase requisition without the unit cost and manually update the purchase order with the appropriate amount.

The Approval User Setup page includes a brand new field:

  • Purchase Request Approval

The Role Center will now include a new tile:

  • Requests Requisitions Request to Approve

Find instructions on setting up and using Wiise Purchase Requisitions in this article.

Other enhancements and fixes

New sub-categories added to Accounts
A number of new sub-categories are now available under Accounts.

Tarriff code in XML mapping
The Tarriff code field can now be included in XML Mapping for Sales Quotes, Sales Orders and Sales Invoices.

Format of user defined date field
The date field in the Wiise Sales Invoice document now shows as Date instead of Date/Time.

Company details section in Assisted Setup Wizard
The Assisted Setup Wizard will no longer include the prompt to enter company details as it was a double up.

Error when creating an Order From the customer having UDF defined
An error can occur when creating a sales order from a customer. This is now fixed.

Error when posting a purchase invoice (having Items with UDF and Purchase lines with UDF) with prepayments
This was a problem for posting with Australian English language selected and has been fixed.

Reports incorrectly defaulting to Period: 1M+CM
This was resulting in some incorrect totalling for some reports. These reports now default the Period field to 'Blank'

Item Reference Number missing from Wiise Purchase Order Confirmation
Item Reference Number is now available as a field for the Purchase Order Confirmation report layout.

Number Series for eCommerce Stores setup not being used
The wrong number series was being used for Shopify transactions being imported into Wiise. This has now been corrected.

Report Names not getting updated on the Custom Report List
This is now fixed.

Error when trying to print Wiise Shipping Labels
This was caused by an incorrect data field validation and has been corrected.

Inconsistent naming of accounting periods
The issue causing the 'Year' to appear at the end of accounting monthly periods has been fixed.

Wiise Payroll integration
The validation error cause by Incorrect Number series code has been fixed.

*If you did not receive our October update, it may be because you've restricted access to your Wiise environment and you might need to manually install our latest update. You can do this by following the steps listed in this help article.