What's new in October 2021

Improvements to the Wiise Shopify connector 

Our October release includes the following improvements to the Wiise Shopify Connector.
Import unpaid Shopify orders
You can now import unpaid Shopify orders into Wiise, including authorized orders.
They’ll appear as open sales orders. A new field under the Sales Channel tab will indicate the outstanding amount.
If the order is later paid in Shopify, then re-imported to Wiise, the outstanding amount will be automatically adjusted.
Automatically post paid and fulfilled orders
The Automatically Post Fulfilled Orders option in the Store Settings page has been updated as Automatically Post Paid and Fulfilled Orders.
Use this option to automatically post any imported Shopify orders with a payment status of ‘paid’ and fulfilment status of ‘fulfilled’.
Disable automatic new customer creation
When a Shopify order included customer details, Wiise would automatically create the customer (if they did not already exist in Wiise) and add them to the sales order.
You now have the option to disable automatically creating a customer in Wiise for every order imported from Shopify.
Choose this option to specify one customer for all online orders.
Choose how prices appear on your online store
By default, Wiise excludes GST from an item's unit price when syncing to Shopify.
You can now sync an item’s unit price including or excluding GST and choose how product prices appear on your online store .
Map Shopify and Wiise items using the SKU field
To avoid creating duplicate items in Shopify, you could map existing items in Shopify and Wiise using the Create Mapping function.
You now have the option to map existing Shopify items using the SKU field.
Wiise will match the Shopify SKU field with the Item No. field in Wiise and automatically add the matched items to the Store Items list.