What’s new in July 2021

Feature enhancements

Enhanced email capabilities

With this release we've made our bulk emailing feature compatible with Business Central's enhanced email capabilities that let you assign scenarios and manage attachments better. 

Enhanced email capabilities can be enabled from the Feature Management page.

If enabled, the Save Cc/Bcc Value functionality will not work.

This feature will be enabled automatically from Update 19.0 (Q4 2021). Find out more about How to setup email in Wiise.

Wiise Customer statement report to show 'Not Due' Amount

We have added a new Boolean field Include Total Not Due in the request page of the Wiise Customer Statement report. Selecting this option lets you see any Not Due amounts within the summary section of the report. 

New company setup wizard

When you create a new company in Wiise, you'll be required to specify whether it’s a Production or an Evaluation company.

Once the company is created, you'll need to follow the new Get Started checklist from the Wiise Role Centre. Find out more about the process on How to create a new company.

SMTP changes

This release requires companies to use your own email messaging service to continue sending customer invoices, purchase orders, customer statements and EFT notices from Wiise, and to notify approvers of workflow changes.

If you're currently using messaging@service.wiise.com, you'll need to update your SMTP settings before 15 July 2021. Find out how you can do that How to setup email in Wiise.

Resolution of reported bugs

Possible Wiise Timesheet duplication in Wiise Payroll

Selecting Approve and Post in the Manager Timesheets would post the job lines and send the timesheet to Wiise Payroll a second time. The fix flags when timesheets are sent to Wiise Payroll and does not resend them.

Incorrect totals in the Balance Sheet by Period (Landscape) report

An incorrect date calculation was causing totalling errors in the Balance Sheet by Period report and has been fixed.

Incorrect formatting in the Income Statement by Period report

The formatting issue in the PDF output of the Income Statement by Period report has been fixed.

Unable to select a field in Suggest Vendor Payments report

The Applies-to-Doc. Due Date Offset field now works when you enable Calculate Posting Date from Applies- to -Doc due date.

Corrupted PDF statement file sent by Bulk Email function

The bulk email function was sending customers a corrupted PDF file and has been fixed.

Error when printing barcode label 

The barcode issue with printing shipping labels has now been fixed.

Additional information

Remember to uninstall any Per Tenant Extensions (PTE) you’ve developed and installed in your sandbox environment if they were published directly via VS code. These PTEs installed in your sandbox will be removed during the upgrade process.