Create a new company in Wiise


  • Create new companies in Wiise Using the assisted setup guide. 

Why create a new company in Wiise? 

If you have more than one trading entity, you can create a company for each of your trading entities.  

You can create and track sales, purchases, invoices, and other financial transactions relevant to your trading entity. As a business, you create a new company to separate data for individual trading companies. Once you’ve created one, switching between companies is easy.  

Note: To create a new company, you must be assigned the SUPER user permission set

How to create a new company in Wiise 

Use the assisted setup guide to create a new company in Wiise.  

  1. Search for Companies and select the Company Lists in the Go to Pages and Tasks.
    create companies menu
  2. Select New. Then, select Create New Company. 
    create company
  3. Get started with the Create New Company assisted setup guide.
    create new company assisted setup guide
  4. Select Next and you’ll be taken to the next prompt.  
  5. Enter a new name for the company you’re creating. For example, the name below is Wiise Test Create. 
  6. Next, select the drop-down arrow for Select the data and setup to get started. There are two templates to choose from. Select one template that best suits your requirements.  
    create company evaluation
    1. Evaluation - Sample Data: This creates an evaluation company that is like the demonstration CRONUS AU company with sample data and setup data. 
    2. Production - No Data: This creates a blank company without setup data. To get started easily with a new company in Wiise, choose Production - No Data option.  

    Note: Wiise does not offer a 30-day trial period.  
  7. Select Finish to complete the Create New Company assisted setup. 
    create company that's it
  8. Creating a new company takes only a few minutes.   The Setup Status column under the Companies page will turn to Completed when the new company is ready. 
    Companies completed status
  9. You’ve created your new company. You can now set up your company.  

Note: After creating a new company, you need to complete the set up your company assisted setup guide. You’ll be asked for information such as the address, accounting method, and industry group to your business.  


What’s next: Now that you’ve created your new company, you can complete the setup of your company using the Setup your company assisted setup guide and set up user permissions.  


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