Add a bank account to Wiise bank feeds


  • Learn to add your bank account to your Wiise bank feed 

Note: Only a Business Manager role or Accountant role can see the Wiise Bank Feeds panel on the Wiise landing page to add new bank accounts. 

Why add a bank account to your bank feeds in Wiise? 

Add a bank account to your Wiise bank feeds to automatically import your financial transactions into Wiise instead of manually downloading and uploading files into Wiise from your online banking.  

Note: See the list of New Zealand supported banks for direct bank feeds. 

How to add a new bank account to your bank feeds in Wiise? 

  1. Select Add a bank account on the Wiise Bank Feeds panel on your Wiise landing page.

    Note: When you’ve enabled bank feed features, the bank feeds show enabled on your Wiise Bank Feeds panel. 

    add a bank account in wiise bank feed panel NZ
  2. The Wiise Privacy Policy: New Zealand page displays. Read the privacy policy and scroll down to the bottom of the page. The Accept button is greyed out. 
    1. Select the checkbox to acknowledge the terms and conditions. The Accept button turns blue.  
    2. Select the Accept button to accept the policy. 

      accept privacy policy NZ
      Note: Once you’ve accepted the policy, the bank feed can connect to your online banking site.  
  3. A list of popular banks is displayed. If unsure, you can search for your bank using the search functionality. 
    popular bank feed
  4. Select the bank and use your online banking username and password to login.  
    username and password to access bank feed
  5. Select the Submit button when you’re done. This will log you into your bank account.

    Note: If you’ve forgotten your password, you can request a password reset.

  6. You’ll get a SUCCESS message display after you’ve successfully logged in.
    success upon access
  7. If multiple accounts are added, select enable all accounts. Otherwise, select each account individually. Then, select Connect bank feed
    enable multiple bank accounts

8. Your connected bank feeds will be added to the Wiise Bank Feeds panel in your Wiise landing page.

Note: Notifications appear on the 'bell' icon on the top right-hand corner of the Wiise Bank Feeds panel. You'll receive notifications where there is an error in the bank feed.
Wiise bank account feed tile enabled

    Note:  A message displays if your bank feeds are not linked to a bank account card. You’ll need to link the connected bank feeds from the Linked Bank Accounts page.  

    bank account added

    What’s next? 

    If you’ve disabled an existing bank feed, learn how to re-enable it.  


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