Link your Microsoft 365 to Wiise


Why link your Microsoft 365 with Wiise Software Pty Ltd?

This request is so that Wiise can: 

  1. Have access to your M365 account to add or reduce licenses. 
  2. Create a Wiise production environment and provide user access. 
  3. Troubleshoot support queries. 

To give you greater control of who access your business information, Microsoft has enforced the GDAP capabilities for all of its partners and customers.

We'll request for you to approve granular delegated admin privileges (GDAP), that is a security feature which provides partners with least-privileged, granular and time-bound access to your Wiise environment once we've established the reseller relationship with you.

Note: If you don’t link your Microsoft 365 to Wiise, we'll not be able to set you up to use Wiise.

How to link your Microsoft 365 with Wiise Software Pty Ltd?

  1. You must be the Microsoft 365 global admin for your business.   
  2. Select this unique Wiise reseller relationship request link to accept the request.  
  3. If you’re already logged in Microsoft 365, you’ll be directed to your Microsoft 365 admin centre as shown below: 
    M365 admin centre
  4. If you’re not logged in yet, login to your Microsoft 365 using your Microsoft 365 username and password.  

 Global admin login in the Wiise product

5. Upon login, you'll be directed to Accept agreement & authorise partner page.  

Accept agreement and authorise partner

6. Review the Microsoft Customer Agreement. 

7. Select the checkbox to agree to these terms.

8. Then, select the Accept & authorise button at the end of the page.

9. Once completed, you’ll be redirected back to Billing accounts menu where you can see an overview of your partner relationships.

10. You can also access your Partner relationships overview under the Settings tab on the left-hand panel. 

CSP partner relationship

11. Wiise will be notified by Microsoft once the above steps have been completed and you'll be sent a unique GDAP invite. 


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