How to sign in to Wiise Warehouse OnTime from a mobile device


Learn how to sign into the Wiise Warehouse OnTime app on Android and iOS.

Why do I need to sign into the Wiise Warehouse OnTime app?

We’re serious about protecting your business data so when you use the OnTime app, you’ll need to use your Wiise account credentials to sign in

Your Wiise account securely stores your permission sets, granting you access to specific functions and enabling the permissions to define the actions you can perform.

Ensure your user permissions have been set up prior to signing into the OnTime app for the first time.

How to sign into the Wiise Warehouse OnTime app

  1. Open the Wiise Warehouse OnTime app on your Android or iOS device.

  2. On the welcome page, select Get Started.

  3. Please read the disclaimer and select I agree.

  4. You will now be directed to Microsoft to sign in to your Wiise account.

  5. On the sign-in page, sign in with the same Microsoft credentials you use to sign into Wiise.

  6. After signing in, you will be directed to a confirmation page to confirm ‘Are you trying to sign in to Wiise Mobile Warehouse?’ Select Continue.

  7. You will now be redirected to the settings page on the OnTime app.

  8. On the settings page, enter the following settings fields:

    • Environment: Select the environment that you will be using within the app. An ‘environment’ can be a production environment or a sandbox. Find out more about environments here.

    • Company: After you have selected the environment, you will need to choose the company you wish to work in. Find out more about companies here.

    • Location: Once the company has been set, you can now select the location you will be working in.

    • Scanning method: The camera will be automatically selected. This uses the in-built camera in your mobile device to scan. If you’re using a scanning device or Bluetooth barcode scanner, select Connected Laser. Find out more about the scanning method on OnTime here.

      The settings have now been entered into the app:

      Wiise Warehouse OnTime Settings Screen
  9. Select the blue Get Started button at the bottom of the settings page.

  10. You are now ready to use the Wiise Warehouse OnTime app on your device.

Why do I see a blank screen on the initial sign-in?

You may see a blank screen the first time signing into the OnTime app. This is because the initial configuration of enabling the app may take some time. Please allow time from setting up the application in Wiise ERP Desktop and signing in. If you see a blank screen, sign out and wait 15 minutes. If you still see a blank screen after this time, please reach out to your partner or the Wiise Support Team.