GST and BAS Setup for Australia

Step by Step instructions

1.     GST Report Configuration and Setup

  1. Search for GST Reports Configuration in Wiise.
  2. You’ll see the page as the below screenshot.

    GST reports configuration in Wiise

  3. Select GST Report Type > BAS Report.
  4. Click Edit List.
  5. The below page appears as such:
    1. Setup a new row as follows:
      1. Validate Codeunit ID: 0.
      2. Specifies the name of the GST statement template: BAS.
      3. GST Statement Name: DEFAULT.
      4. Tick the first box column.

BAS report setting up a new row

2.     BAS Report List Setup

  1. In the same screen that you’re in, Click New.
    1. Make sure that you have GST Report Type: BAS Report selected.
  2. Enter in the This is a reference of your BAS Report. Then, enter in the Version field.

BAS report version selected

3. The Start Date and End Date will be automatically populated.

4. Click the Process menu on the same screen > select Suggest Lines.

BAS report process

5. A GST Report Request Page is displayed from the above selection.
    1. The fields will be pre-populated.
    2. To agree, click OK.

6. After you’ve proceeded to click OK, the lines will be populated with the transactions of the period.

7. The below screenshot is the BAS Report generated for the period.

BAS report lines

3.     Calculate and Post your GST Settlement

1. Within the same BAS Report, Click Process > Release.

BAS report release button

2. The status in your BAS Report will be changed to Released.

BAS report released status

3. In the same screen above, Click Process > Submit.

BAS report submit button

4. A report that has been successfully submitted shows up as below.

BAS report submitted message

5. When you see this status, go to Process > Mark as Submitted.

BAS report mark as submitted button

6. Once successfully completed, the report will show marked as submitted.

BAS report marked as submitted

7. Finally, you can now calculate and post GST settlement. Click GST Settlement > Calculate and Post GST Settlement.

GST Settlement button

8. The Calculate and Post GST Settlement view appear as below.

GST settlement print and save settings

9. Set Post = True, Enter Settlement Account.
10. You can select Print, Preview and/or Send to.
11. Let’s have a look at a Preview view below.


GST and BAS configuration print view

That’s the end of the GST and BAS configuration and setup for Australia.

You’re all set.

*Note: If you run into any issues here, please raise a Wiise Support ticket with