Register for Wiise Payroll 


  • Learn how to register and subscribe to Wiise Payroll. 

Why register for Wiise Payroll? 

Registering for Wiise Payroll ensures streamlined payroll processing within Wiise and compliance features tailored for your business.  

Note: Before you proceed with the Wiise payroll registration, please provide your company Australian Business registration Number (ABN) or New Zealand Registration Business Number (NZBN) to Wiise Support via We require these details when you set up your first Wiise Payroll file for your first company in Wiise.  

How to register for Wiise Payroll? 

Note: The user who can register for Wiise Payroll will need to have a Business Manager or Accountant role profile. The user must be set up as a Payroll Officer in Wiise to register for Wiise Payroll. You'll need to update the settings in User Setup. 

  1. Select Wiise Payroll. Then select Setup on your Wiise landing page. 

    Note: If it’s the first time you’re setting up Wiise Payroll, you’ll see a Wiise Payroll Assisted Setup screen. This gives you information about Wiise Payroll and how to get started.  
  2. Fill in your payroll administrator’s details. 
  3. Select Next to continue.  
  4. Fill in the Wiise Payroll contact details.  

    Note: The payroll administrator will receive an email with Wiise Payroll login details. 
  5. Select Yes to finalise your Wiise Payroll registration.  
  6. After you’ve registered your company for Wiise Payroll, a message displays with “You are about to submit a new payroll registration for your company [company name]. Would you like to continue?”  
    1. Select Yes and you’ll see our welcome message – Congratulations! You have now registered your Payroll system.  
  7. Select Finish, and a payroll company is created in the Wiise Payroll system.  
  8. You’ve completed the registering Wiise Payroll for your company.  

How to access Wiise Payroll? 

If it's your first time accessing Wiise Payroll, follow the below steps: 

  1. Select Wiise Payroll. Then select Setup on your Wiise landing page. 
  2. In the Payroll Setup page, select Wiise Payroll Business ID (in blue). 
  3. Once you've selected the Wiise Payroll Business ID you'll be sent to the Wiise Payroll page. 
  4. Select Forgot Password. 
  5. Then enter your email address. 
  6. You'll receive an email with a link to reset your password. 
  7. Now you can log in to Wiise Payroll at using the username and password you've just set using the link. 

What's next?

Return to About Wiise Payroll or navigate to instructions to setup payroll