Create a new purchase requisition

Here's how to create a new purchase requisition:

  1. From the Wiise home page or Role Center, select Purchasing > Purchase Requisition to go to the Purchase Requisition Worksheet.
  2. Start a new line and update the following fields:
    • Item No
    • Quantity
    • Unit of Measure Code
    • Location Code
    • Priority 
  3. The Direct Unit Costs field will only populate for items with a purchase history. You'll need to set the purchase price for these items using the Purchase Price functionality in Wiise. Alternatively, you can approve the purchase requisition without the unit cost and manually update the purchase order with the appropriate amount. 
  4. If the purchase requisition relates to specific dimensions, select Line > Dimensions from the top navigation bar and select any dimensions that apply such as e.g. Department or Area.
  5. Select Line > Comments from the top navigation bar to enter any additional comments for the approver here.
  6. When the requisition is ready, select the worksheet line, then select Request Approval to submit your request.
  7. Select multiple lines from the worksheet to submit more than one requisition for approval.

What happens next?

  • When the requestor submits a requisition, the status of the worksheet line will change from New to Requested.
  • A new action tile titled Purchase Requisition Request to Approve will appear on the approver's Role Center. 
  • The requestor will be able to track the status of the purchase requisition at any time in the worksheet. 

Refer to this article on how to approve or reject a requisition.