How to approve or reject a requisition

Here's how users can review and approve purchase requisitions.

  1. From the Wiise Role Center, select Purchasing > Purchase Requisition Approval to go to the Purchase Requisition Approval page.
  2. Select Line > Comments from the top navigation bar to add any comments.
  3. Select Approval from the top navigation bar and choose Approve or Reject.

Note: Approvers will be able to review requisitions based on their priority. It's also possible to approve or reject multiple requisitions at a time.

What happens next?

When a purchase requisition is approved:

  1. The status of the requisition changes to Approved.
  2. One or more purchase orders is created in Wiise, grouped by vendor.
  3. The requestor is notified that their request was approved.
  4. These purchase orders are now ready to be invoiced following your usual Accounts Payable process.

When a purchase requisition is not approved:

  1.  The status of the requisition changes to Rejected.
  2. The requestor is notified that their request was not approved.
  3. The requestor has the option to make corrections to a rejected request and resubmit for approval.
  4. To do this, select Reopen Request, make the updates, and select Request Approval to resubmit.
  5. You will see that the status of this request will change from Rejected to New.

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