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  • Learn what chart of accounts are included with Wiise in New Zealand.

What Chart of Accounts are available in Wiise New Zealand?

Wiise has worked closely with KPMG New Zealand to design six industry-specific charts of accounts for NZ customers. These chart of accounts include local New Zealand accounting requirements including KiwiSaver. The chart of accounts come preloaded with Wiise and populate the environment depending on which industry is selected during set-up.

The New Zealand-specific industries include:

  • Product

  • Product and Services

  • Services

  • Construction

  • Manufacturing

  • FP Services

Each industry chart of accounts includes New Zealand-required general ledgers. These general ledgers provide you with the fields and tables to enter your accounting data. The general ledgers are:

  • FBT Accured

  • Accrued Expenses – KiwiSaver

  • Student Loan Accrual

  • KiwiSaver

  • R&D Tax Credits

  • Research & Development

Note: The chart of accounts is populated by the industry selected during the initial set up of Wiise.


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