Bank feed status in Wiise 2.0


  • Check the status of your bank accounts in Wiise 2.0 
  • Check disruptions to bank feeds to find out if there's a known issue with your feed in Wiise 2.0

Why is bank feed status important? 

You can check the bank feed status of your registered bank accounts to track the progress of a newly registered bank account or if there’s a known issue with your current bank feed, you can find out if there’s a disruption to the service. 

How to read the bank feed status? 

  1. Go to Wiise Insights on your Wiise landing page. You'll see registered and linked bank accounts appear on your Wiise bank feeds panel. 

    Note: When you've registered your bank account and can't see the bank account tile on your Wiise bank feed panel, you may need to link your bank account to Wiise bank feeds. 
  2. Select the bell icon on the top right-hand corner of your Wiise Bank Feeds panel to view notifications on your bank feed status. These notifications also informs you if there’s a known issue with your current bank feed.

Note: When the bank account feed consent is within 30 days of expiring, a notification is displayed on the 'bell' icon on the Wiise Bank Feeds panel informing the user of the upcoming consent expiration. You'll then need to renew bank feed consent.

How to escalate your bank feed issue?

  1. Raise a support ticket with Wiise support. We require your unique bank account GUID.  
  2. Here are the steps to find your unique bank account GUID: 
    1. Select Linked Bank Accounts from the menu on your Wiise landing page. Or you can search for Linked Bank Accounts from the top right-hand corner of the page. The linked bank accounts page displays.
    2. Select Actions. Then, select Get Bank Feed User ID
    3. The message will look like this: 
    4. Copy the contents of the message that appears and include that in the support email. 


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