Renew bank feed consent Wiise 2.0


  • Learn to renew your bank account feed consent in Wiise.
  • View your current bank feed status.

Note: Users with Business Manager or Accountant role who had previously provided CDR consent has the right permissions to renew the consent for bank account feeds. Under CDR, consent expires every 12 months if it hasn’t been renewed.

Why do I need to renew bank feed consent?

Wiise maintains its status as a trusted software provider and CDR representative status allowing your business to provide consent to continue sharing data via bank feeds for bank reconciliations.

How do I renew bank feed consent?

Note: When the bank account feed consent is within 30 days of expiring, a notification is displayed on the 'bell' icon on the Wiise Bank Feed panel informing the user of the upcoming consent expiration. 

  1. Select the consent expiration notification or select the settings (tool) icon on the top right of the Wiise Bank Feeds panel to access the Manage Consent panel to renew the consent status.

    bank feed enabled
  2. Select the bank account to renew consent.
    1. Review the consent status.

      Note: You can renew the consent for another 12 months with an option to review and update your consent preferences if necessary. 
    2. Then, select Renew my consent

      renew consent
    3. Your bank account feed is successfully renewed and updated as Active
    4. As the user who's renewed the consent, you'll receive an email confirmation that you've renewed consent for a bank feed(s). An update to the consent with any changes to your consent preferences is detailed in the email. 

      renew consent
  3. You've renewed consent for your bank account feed(s). 

Note: When you've renewed consent for your bank account feed(s), the bank account feed is updated as Active. When revoked, the bank account feed is updated as Withdrawn


What’s next?  

Now that you’ve renewed your bank account feed(s), find out how to revoke your bank account feed(s).   


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