What’s new in September 2020

Platform upgrade

v16.5 BC platform release

Upgrade to the current Microsoft Dynamics Business Central v16.5 platform. This upgrade addresses current support requests, including:

  • When you change a selected row in a list, the page might scroll unexpectedly
  • The Customer No. field is displayed in the sales history FactBox, but the Vendor No. field isn't displayed in the purchase history in documents such as orders
  • Numbering in the purchase credit memo behaves differently than in the purchase invoice
  • The account schedules no longer update Excel Template files successfully using the Export to Excel function
  • Lines where Type = Text in Jobs Planning that have already been invoiced can be changed to another type and invoiced again
  • The Customer/Item Sales report automatically cancels if no Customer Ledger entries are present.

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Resolution of reported bugs

EFT Remittance Advice Print & Email  — Wrong report layout

When EFT payments were posted without being summarised per vendor, the remittance advice didn't group EFT lines by each vendor and the report had incorrect totals. This has now been fixed.

Wrong Work Description field on Wiise sales report layouts

The Work Description text field on Wiise Sales Quotes/Orders/Invoices wasn't printing a value after a new line character or after pressing the enter key. This has now been fixed.

Code length in the Inventory Posting Group conflicts with Wiise table

The Inventory Posting Groups Code field allows 20 characters, but the system wasn't accepting values with more than 10 characters due to Wiise Purchase Line Split table. This has now been fixed.

Error when modifying Chart of Account card

In some cases, Wiise was showing an error when category or sub-category fields were modified, even if the values had been saved successfully. This has now been fixed.

Feature enhancements

Option to see only the open jobs in the Job journal and Job Register report

You now have the option to see only Open jobs in the Job Journals and Job Register report drop-down lists. You can control this from the job setup by ticking or un-ticking the new Job No. Open Status field.

Additional fields on the Sales Documents pages

The following fields have been added to the Sales (Quote, Order, Invoice, Posted Invoice, Credit Memo) pages: 

  1. Header:
    • Foreign Trade tab
    • Exit Point
    • Area
    • Transport Method
  2. Line:
    • Purchasing Code
    • Variant Code
    • GST. Prod. Posting Group

 CBA section/logo removed from banking panel

The CBA section and logo has been removed from the role centre banking panel.

Import pay runs with PAYG amount paid in the Wiise Payroll ABA file

Wiise now imports the PAYG amount paid in two additional pay run journal lines when you enable Pay PAYG via payment file to a nominated bank account in Wiise Payroll. The journal will credit the bank account and debit the payroll tax account.

Additional fields on Job​s

You can now see amounts on the Job Card in foreign currency as well as local currency.

The following improvements have been made:

    • Added the Currency Code and Currency Factor fields to the Job Planning Lines page
    • Added the Currency Code and Currency Factor fields to the Job Ledger Entries page
    • Added new flow fields to Job Tasks in foreign currency — Budget (Total Cost FCY), Actual (Total Cost FCY), Billable (Invoiced Cost FCY), Remaining (Total Price FCY), Remaining (Total Cost FCY), Amt. Rcd. Not Invoiced FCY, Outstanding Orders FCY, Billable (Total Cost FCY), Actual (Total Price FCY), Budget (Total Price FCY) and Billable (Total Price FCY)
    • Added a new field to the Job Card called Show values in Currency Code. When this field is ticked the values on the job FactBox details will be shown in the Currency Code values and also the newly added flow fields on Job Tasks in foreign currency will be shown.

Option to enter a future date when you generate an EFT ABA file

You can now add an export date when you create an EFT file. This date can be either posting date or the work date. You can set this up on the payment journal batch in the new EFT File Date field

Direct Debit feature

This is a convenient and efficient way of collecting money from your customers, paid into your chosen bank account. It's less time consuming and it's usually used for recurring payments. Note that direct debit can be used for bank accounts but not credit cards. 

You can read more about Direct Debit here.

Additional information

Remember to uninstall any Per Tenant Extensions (PTE) you’ve developed and installed in your sandbox environment if they were published directly via VS code. These PTEs installed in your sandbox will be removed during the upgrade process.

Please note, account categories and subcategories will be mandatory for charts of accounts in all new companies.