What’s new in September 2019

Platform upgrade

v14.4 BC platform release

Upgrade to the current Microsoft Dynamics Business Central v14.4 platform. Addresses current support requests, including:

  • Users were getting locking error and timeout when using the Warehouse Picking Sheet.
  • Chrome: one screen with two tabs screen was crashing.

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New feature

Payroll multi-company

You can now have payroll integration for each of your companies in Wiise. You can run the payroll assisted setup to activate the payroll subscription for any company. All existing payroll functionality remains the same.

Able to enter time by hours by day in timesheets

Now an employee can enter Wiise timesheets in number of hours per day only. You first need to enable this feature in the Payroll setup and also the Wiise Payroll setup. The setup field in Payroll setup is called Data Entry Method and the required option is Enter no. hours per day. You can add a similar setup in Wiise Payroll, in Payroll > Timesheets

Allow a user to enter multiple timesheets for resources

You can now assign the same User ID to several resource cards. You can do this when you assign the Time Sheet Owner User ID field from the Resource card page.

Single Touch Payroll — Automate creation of payment journals with payroll journals

When you enable PAYG Payments in Wiise Payroll and the pay run journals are imported into Wiise, the system will generate 2 additional journal lines:

  • Debit PAYG Liability (clearing)
  • Credit Bank Account

Ability to define timesheet format for all employees

Added a new field in Payroll Setup called Data Entry Method with 2 options: Start / end times by date and Enter no. hours per day.

If you select Start / end times by date, then all the employees will need to enter timesheets with start time, end time and break times by day.

If you select Enter no. hours per day, then all the employees will need to enter timesheets by number of hours by day.

You can add a similar setup in Wiise Payroll in Payroll > Timesheets, by selecting or deselecting the Require start/end times when entering timesheets box.



Display CBA Products and Services in full screen

You can now see CBA products and services pop-up in maximised version every time the screen is open.

Add Rabobank as a supported bank feed

Added Rabobank as a supported bank feed. When you add a bank account with a BSB starting with 14 (e.g. 142 001) and any account number (there’re no rules based on the account number for this institution) it will enable the Bank Statement Service

Landed Cost Tool Tips update

A number of field tooltips have been updated with more user-friendly messages.

CommBank Simplify wording updates in accordance with the website changes

You can see CommBank Simplify Assisted Setup screens and corresponding help file. You’ll see an updated description, and steps to follow to register Simplify in Wiise.

Improve Remittance Advice Email field

  • Message field length increased from 255 to 2,048 characters in EFT Setup screen.
  • Some tool tips have been updated with clearer messages.

Confirmation message — to confirm business has registered for Payroll

When you complete the payroll assisted setup the following confirmation message will be displayed:

You are about to submit a new payroll registration for your company [company name]. Would you like to continue?

Manager Timesheets – new entry point

Added new menu Manager Timesheets under the Payroll menu. Instead of searching for it, you can now access it from the payroll menu.

Missing Employee name on the TS card

Appended the resource name to the timesheet number at the top of the Wiise Timesheet page.

Search Name and Description 2 missing from Item Card

The Search Name and Description 2 fields:

  • Have been added to the item card page. You may need to select Show More on the Item FastTab to see the Search Name field.
  • Have been added to the item list page as part of the personalisation. You’ll need to personalise the list page and add those 2 fields as required.

Move SISS bank account from Company A to B in same tenant

Now you can move registered SISS bank accounts between companies in the same tenant, without having to cancel and re-register SISS bank feeds for the same bank account between companies.

  • Move between companies within a tenant instantly, with no new forms or actions outside of Wiise required
  • Only the super user has permission to perform this action
  • Only one company can receive feed data at a time
  • Historical data doesn’t move but you can re-import it
  • When a bank feed is active in Company A, and you attempt to register it again in Company B, you'll be prompted to move the feed over

Sales Documents Import with 8 Dimensions using Data Exchange and Incoming Documents

Now you’re able to import sales documents (Orders, Invoices and Credit Notes) using Incoming Documents with up to 8 different dimensions. The dimension fields 3 to 8 have been added to the sales header and sales line table. You can select these new fields in the Data Exchange Definitions function.

Display Reason message when in Problem status

Added new field Problem Description underneath the Bank Feed Status field in the Bank Account card. This field is only displayed when the bank feed is in problem status, otherwise it’s hidden. This field will show the Reason field from SISS. This is a message from the bank explaining why the bank feed is in the problem status.

Welcome to Wiise Payroll Email to show company details

Due to the new payroll multi-company feature being released, the Welcome to Wiise Payroll email (sent when you complete the Payroll assisted setup) now displays the Company Name.

Amount Inc. GST on Sales Invoice and Purchase Invoices

Added new field Amount Including GST in the Sales Invoices and Purchase Invoices list pages.

User Permissions to view Profit fields on the sales lines

Added new field in the user setup called Hide Line Profits. If this field is ticked, you won’t be able to see values in the 4 fields Original Profit (LCY), Original Profit %, Adjusted Profit (LCY) and Adjusted Profit % on the sales lines in the sales quote/order/invoice page.

Replace standard BC timesheets page with Wiise timesheets page

As part of the Able to enter time by hours by day in timesheets change above, we’ve enabled Wiise Timesheets to work without the Wiise Payroll integration. This replaces the standard Business Central timesheet, with the added ability to access this timesheet via the mobile application. The standard Business Central timesheet doesn’t allow access via mobile.

A new field in the Resources Setup called Enable Wiise Timesheets has been added to allow you to use Wiise timesheets without the Wiise Payroll integration.


Resolution of reported bug

Landed Cost: Delete Invoiced Orders function doesn’t remove purchase orders from the standard list page

1. Message The selected purchase orders have been successfully deleted. will be displayed when all selected PO lines have been deleted successfully.

2. Message Some purchase orders have not been completely posted or invoiced. Your batch selection has not been deleted successfully. Please try again. will be displayed where batch selection includes PO lines that haven’t been completely posted or invoiced

New Doc. No. per line on Suggest Vendor Payments

The New Doc. No. per line option on the Suggest Vendor Payments function has been fixed.

EFT Remittance not showing correctly

When the values on a posted invoice are partially paid, the report was showing full amount instead of the partial amount. This has been fixed.

Shipping Label Report — Wrong 'From To' address

The From To address field on this report now shows the correct address.

Error when clicking onto EFT Send Test Email in EFT Setup from Bank account

The existing menu Send Test Email… in the EFT Setup page has been fixed. Now you can send out the test email successfully.

Timesheet development — Fix night shift hours

When you enter timesheets with start/end times that go past midnight, an error will now be displayed. You will need to split it into 2 lines in order to continue.

Payroll Setup page blank when opening first time

After you complete the Payroll assisted setup, the payroll setup page will display the value in the Wiise Payroll Business ID field.