What’s new in October 2019

Platform upgrade

v14.5 BC platform release

Upgrade to the current Microsoft Dynamics Business Central v14.5 platform. Addresses current support requests, including, Calculating warehouse adjustment error.

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Mobile Timesheet improvements

You can now see the total number of hours for each timesheet line item on Mobile.

Purchasing Agent Profile + Others

Added Purchasing Agent profile and the rest of the profiles from the sandbox environment which weren’t available in the production environment.

G/L Source Names hyperlink

Added new Source Name field in the General Ledger Entries page. Based on the value in the source type field, it will show the customer or vendor name. This field is a hyperlink - once you click on this field it will open respective customer or vendor card page.

Add Job Journal button to the Payroll menu

Added Job Journal under the Payroll menu. Instead of searching for it, you can access it from the payroll menu.

Add default flag option to indicate a Test Company when performing Copy Company function

Added a new field called Test Company in the Copy Company page. This field is ticked by default. You can un-tick it to indicate that the new company will be a production or live company. 

Add eight dimensions on purchase import using Data Exch. Def.

You can now import purchase documents (orders, invoices and credit notes) with up to eight different dimensions using Incoming Documents. The dimension fields 3 to 8 have been added to the purchase header and purchase line table. You can select these new fields in the Data Exchange Definitions function.

Import G/L Journals with 8 Dim. into intercompany journals using Data Exch. Def.

Added two new menu items: Import Journal Lines CSV and Import Journal Lines using Data Exch. Def. under Posting menu in Intercompany General Journal page. The dimension fields 3 to 8 have been added to the General Journal Line table. You can select these new fields in CSV file or the Data Exchange Definitions function.

Send bank feed data to payment journal reconciliation screen

Added a new field in Bank Account called Bank Feed Setup with two options: Bank Reconciliation and Payment Reconciliation.

If you select Bank Reconciliation, all the bank feed data will be inserted into the Bank Account Reconciliation screen.

If you select Payment Reconciliation, all the bank feed data will be inserted into the Payment Reconciliation Journal screen.

Option to turn off auto-populate for the work type code for Timesheets

In Payroll Setup, the field Work Type is now optional. If you leave this field blank, the employee will need to select the work type for each timesheet line.

Improve sort order on Bank Feed Imports list view

The data in the Bank Feed Imports page is now sorted by Entry No. field in descending order. The most recent bank feed line will be at the top of the list.

Change name of Flash Assisted Setup Wizard to Quick Start

The Flash Assisted Setup Wizard is now called Quick Start.

UDF not available on Blanket PO

UDF (User Defined Fields) are now available in the Blanket Purchase Order card page. Access them by selecting Navigate > Order > Other Information.

GL Budget Report - improvement to Wiise BC

When you select the starting date and no. of periods, the report now shows the correct data, instead of only showing data of the calendar year.

External document number for PO page

Added new Vendor Invoice No. field in the Purchase Orders list page.

Only allow open jobs to be selected for Timesheets

You can only select open jobs in timesheets.

Add extra fields in Personalise option to various pages.

The following fields have been added to the Personalise option (and are not visible by default):

  • Sell-to Customer No. in Customer Ledger Entries
  • Sell-to Customer No.  in Apply Customer Entries
  • Description 2 on Sales Invoice Line
  • Shipment Date on Sales Invoice Line
  • Buy-from Vendor Number in Vendor Ledger Entries
  • Buy-from Vendor Number in Apply Vendor Entries

You can personalise these pages and make those fields visible as needed.

Resolution of reported bug

Web Service - Job Task Lines duplicated in list

The web service object for page 16034428 has been renamed to Adv. Job Task Lines.

Permission error in D365 SALES user group

Some missing permissions have been added to this user group.

Not all fields are populated when importing Item Journals via Data Exchange Framework

Corrected the issue of some fields not being populated as expected when you import Item Journals via Data Exchange Framework.

Allow for zero percent Landed Cost duty

Added new Require Item Duty Setup field in the Landed Cost Setup card. Tick this field if you require the item to have Duty setup when you create the Landed Cost Receipt.