What’s new in March 2020 (Release 2)

Platform upgrade

v15.4 BC platform release

Upgrade to the current Microsoft Dynamics Business Central v15.4 platform.  This addresses current support requests, including:

  • The bank account ledger entry not changing to green on the bank account reconciliation page when you're matching manually
  • Not being able to scroll on the EFT registers list 


You can now see all available Standard Reports 

You can now view a list of all available standard reports, grouped by category, on the Reports menu on the Business Manager and Accountant role centres.  You can run any report from the Standard Reports list . Once you close that report, you'll be returned to the Standard Reports list where you'll be able to run a new report.

You can favourite System Reports

You can also Favourite a report from the Standard Reports list and assign it to a Favourite Category. The Favourite Reports list is unique to you. You can access it on the Reports menu on the Business Manager and Accountant role centres. 

Change to 'use timesheets for exceptions only' option in Payroll

When an employee is set up to use timesheets for exceptions only in Payroll, this Timesheet Type and the Primary Pay Category is now imported from Payroll with the employee. When that employee's Wiise timesheet lines are approved, only the timesheet lines that don't match the Primary Pay Category are sent to Payroll.

Employee work types in Payroll

Wiise timesheet users can only select Payroll work types set in their Employee Work Types in Payroll.

Weekend fields are available in Manager Timesheet

Saturday and Sunday fields have been added to the Wiise Manager Timesheet page.

Resolution of reported bugs

None for this release.

Additional information

Remember to uninstall any Per Tenant Extensions (PTE) you’ve developed and installed in your sandbox environment if they were published directly via VS code. Any PTEs that are installed in your sandbox will be removed during the upgrade process.