What’s new in March 2019


Add new Wiise Users

As a user, you will first need to go into Office 365 admin portal to create a user, if one does not already exist. Once an Office 365 user exist, you will need to into 'Users' page in Wiise under 'Process' then 'Assign Wiise License' to choose the user you wish to assign a license to.

If a license already exists, they will be assigned that license. Otherwise, you will be informed that you are about to purchase a new license. This only allows for addition of full licenses. You then need to use the 'Get Users from Office 365' from the 'Process' menu option to properly complete the registration of those users, so they can properly access Wiise.

Bendigo Bank added to SISS

SISS data now supports Bendigo Bank Feeds. We have added the ability to 'Register' this bank for use in a Wiise account by enabling the use of the Bendigo BSB Number (Starting with 633) in a Bank Account Card.

GST Statements

Default GST Statement now available after Assisted Setup Wizard completion.

  • GST Statement Configuration is now applied following the completion of the Flash Assisted Setup from Wiise. This is available for any new company created using the assisted setup for Wiise. 
  • If a Company was already setup using the Flash Assisted Setup prior to this release, contact our team at partnersuccess@wiise.com to obtain the config file if you require new GST statements.

Platform upgrade

Upgrade to Microsoft BC v13.4

As a part of our ongoing partnership with Microsoft, we will be upgrading all customers to the latest update from the Microsoft BC platform called Microsoft BC v13.4. There are no major changes in this update and it contains only minor changes and bug fixes.

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