What’s new in June 2019

Platform Upgrade

v14.1 BC Platform (April) Release

Upgrade to the current Microsoft Dynamics Business Central v14.1 (April Release) platform.

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New Feature

Timesheets data into KeyPay

The Wiise Time feature allows employees set up in Wiise Payroll to enter timesheets in Wiise against jobs whilst their time is fed back into Payroll to enable the processing of payruns.

The following Timesheet functionality is added under the Payroll menu item.

Timesheet Entry via Mobile (beta version)

The new Wiise Time list page (outlined above) is mobile enabled, allowing users to enter Wiise Time timesheets through their mobile devices.

 Note: This feature is currently in beta release and has not been optimised for mobile use.

New Functionality


  • Enable / disable Wiise Time functionality in Wiise
  • Ability to set default Work Type, Approvers, Job Journal Batch, Gen. Prod. Posting Group and GST. Prod. Posting Group for Timesheets

Work Types

Get Work Types from Payroll to use in Wiise Time


Upon mapping Payroll and Wiise employees, if an employee is timesheet-enabled in Payroll, a Resource card can be automatically created in Wiise to enable timesheets to be entered by that employee.

Added the following columns:

  •  Timesheets Enabled: shows whether the employee is enabled to use timesheets in Payroll and subsequently able to enter timesheets in Wiise Time
  •  Resource ID: The Resource that has been created in Wiise to enable timesheets to be entered by that employee.
  • User ID: The User assigned to the Resource (linked to the Employee), which is required to submit timesheets.
  •  Approver ID: The User who has been assigned as the approver for an employee’s timesheets.


A list of timesheets created for the user

A new Wiise Time list page has been added, which allows the:

  •  Entry of Job or Leave timesheet lines which map to Payroll Work Type Codes
  •  Entry of Start, End, Break Start and Break End times for timesheet lines
  • Addition of attachments to the timesheet at the line or header levels

Manager Time Sheets

The existing Manager Time Sheets functionality in Wiise has been updated to include:

  • An added column to show which timesheets and timesheet times have been sent to Wiise Payroll
  •  The Approve function has been updated to automatically send time from approved timesheet lines to Payroll for any employee that has been enabled to use timesheets in Payroll
  • A new “Approve and Post Job Jnl” function to perform the Approve function outlined above, but also automatically post to the job journal.


CC/BCC fields do not save values on Send Email window

The Cc and Bcc fields of the “Edit – Send Email” forms now default to the values last used in those fields.

Landed Cost issue in wording - APPORTIONMENT METHOD is not selected then this message is displayed

Updated notification message will notify users if the Apportionment Method is not selected when the Calculate Landed Cost function is executed to “Apportionment Method must be selected on the Purchase Line.”

Enhance - Sales Order page

Where Document Approvals using Workflows have been enabled, an “Approve” menu item is dynamically added to the Sales Order card when it is available for approval by that User and the “Other Information” (UDF data) sub menu item is appearing under this, causing confusion for user. The “Other Information” sub-menu item has been moved under the “Order” menu item.

Remove Marketing Tile on Role Centre

Removed the Wiise marketing images (which linked to the Wiise.com website) on the Wiise Role Centres.

Resolution of reported bugs

Report Selections

Code was added to the standard Report Selections table to include Australian English. Microsoft has since resolved this issue in Business Central and this code has now been removed.

Remittance advice didn't migrate from old format to new format

Updated conversion code unit to convert the legacy EFT Re mittance email variables (%X character code) to the new variables (#FieldName) upon entering the EFT setup page.

Bank Feed Client ID Issue

Fixed the issue where the Bank Feed Client ID was being pre-populated with an existing Bank Feed Client ID on bank account card creation.

Simplify Issues

Fixed the issue where an error message was being displayed after clicking on next on the first screen of the Commbank Simplify Assisted Setup. Although the error messaged was displayed, it would still allow you to proceed with the assisted setup.

Assign Wiise License - Bug

The “Assign Wiise License” function in User Management page was intermittently timing out and returning a notification that “A task was cancelled”, despite the fact that it would complete the action. Applied a fix to run the function asynchronously so that it doesn’t timeout and returns a success message. Help files have been updated to note that it may take up to one hour for the licenses to be assigned.