What’s new in January 2022

Platform Upgrade

Wiise Payroll Integration

Wiise synchronisation

a) Changes made to the below in Wiise Payroll will automatically update in Wiise. 

  • Employees
  • Locations
  • Work Types
  • G/L Account Mapping

b) Pay runs that include terminated employees can now be imported into Wiise.

Customise your employee list

Add global dimensions to customise your Payroll Employee list. 

Automatically import expenses paid 

Enable Advanced G/L Accounts Mapping from the Payroll Setup page to start automatically importing Payroll transactions that include expenses paid to employees as part of a pay run.

Customise your Payroll G/L account setup

You can now include pay run IDs and pay run amounts in your Payroll G/L account setup. This is helpful when troubleshooting integration related issues

Wiise Payroll

Set up roster warnings

Apply the following criteria to shifts to set up rules around rostering, and be notified when staff are getting too many shifts or if there are conflicts with employment agreements.

  • Restrict hours by qualification
  • Determine overtime by hours worked
  • Minimum break between shifts
  • Pay category warning

Duplicating a roster template

You'll now be able to duplicate an existing roster template from one of two areas in rostering:

  • The roster templates context panel will now display the option to 'copy' alongside the edit and delete buttons or;
  • You can create a copy from within an existing template itself using actions > copy roster template.

Get familiar with the Integrations page

You can now configure external services (or file exports) to export accounting journals, payment files or timesheets from our new Integrations page which has replaced the Journal page. The Integrations page can be found under Payroll Settings and contains timesheets and payment integrations.  

Additional earnings lines are now easier to find

You'll now find the Additional Earnings lines in the Pay Run Inclusions page. They were previously on the Employee Pay Rates page. 

Payroll Journal menu

You can now access the payroll journals directly from the pay runs page using the Payroll Journal new menu. 

Wiise NFP

Your Wiise NFP licences now include some great new features.

  • Unlimited reporting tags (dimensions)
  • Advanced inventory control
  • Distribution and landed costing
  • Basic and advanced warehousing

In light of this, we’re updating our NFP licences to the following: 

  • NFP Business
  • NFP Premium
  • NFP Team member

Other updates this month

Add vendor details to prepayment reports

We've added an External Document Number field on the Vendor Prepayment Report to show the vendor invoice number.  

Customise your landed cost receipts page

You can now add the expected receipt date to your landed cost receipts page. Place it where you like or remove it altogether. 

Customer Statement report has moved

The Wiise Customer Statement has been removed from the global search. You'll now find the under Standard Reports in the Receivables group. 

Write longer item references

Write longer item references by enabling the feature in the Feature Management page.

EFT List sorting order updated

The EFT List page will now be sorted in descending order by default. 

Resolution of reported bugs

Work type selection issue in Timesheet

Selecting Enable Wiise Timesheet under Resource Setup was preventing users from selecting a valid work type code. This issue is now fixed. 

Wiise Sales Invoice report errors

The issue causing labels on prepayment invoices to display incorrectly and order numbers appearing on both prepayment and invoice documents has been fixed.

Print and Email All issue 

Selecting Print and Email All in the EFT list when the vendor card had no email address showed an unclear error message. The new error message is more accurate and user-friendly.

Adding custom reports to favourites

Adding a custom report (Third party or PTE report) to the Favourite Reports page would bring up an error message. This issue is now fixed. 

Wiise Timesheet starting date issue 

The issue caused when an employee's start date was after the current Timesheet creation date is now fixed.

Shipment numbers on Wiise Sales Invoice 

Enabling Show Shipment Number would fail to display the shipment number on Wiise Sales invoices emailed as attachments but were visible when printed. This is now fixed. 

Issue with emailing blank remittance PDFs

The intermittent issue caused when EFT remittance emails were sent to vendors with blank attachments is now fixed.

Wiise Standard Statement report not being emailed

The Wiise Standard Statement has been removed from global search as customers only received Wiise Standard Statement reports when generated as shown: Customer Card/List > Reports > Statements. 

UDF Values not being populated when creating a job invoice

The UDF values from the Customer table did not flow through to the Sales Header when creating a job sales invoice. This issue is now fixed.

Priority field not working as expected

The Priority field in Data Exchange Definition has been fixed to ensure that the field mapping with the highest number is processed first.

G/L Accounts missing in industry specific Chart of Accounts

Wiise G/L Accounts for certain industries were not created correctly. This issue is now fixed.

Customer statements with zero balance being emailed

Customer statements with outstanding balance of $0.00 for a specified date range were being emailed. This has been fixed.

Dashboard values not refreshing

The overdue amount tiles in the Accountant role centre were not refreshing as transactions were posted. this issue is now fixed.

Direct Debit issue when using Suggest Customer Payments 

The New Document Number per Line option was not working as expected and has now been fixed.

Percentage values displayed incorrectly

The variance % values in some reports were not displaying correctly. This issue is now fixed.

Unable to import values containing "," using Data Exchange Definition

This issue is now fixed.

Date and time on Wiise Sales Invoice report

A UDF formatting error was showing the date and time values incorrectly on the Wiise Sales Invoice report and has now been fixed.

Incorrect caption in the Email Account List page

This issue is now fixed.

Additional information

Remember to uninstall any Per Tenant Extensions (PTE) you’ve developed and installed in your sandbox environment if they were published directly via VS code. The PTEs installed in your sandbox will be removed during the upgrade process.