What’s new in February 2021

Platform upgrade

v17.3 BC platform release

Upgrade to the current Microsoft Dynamics Business Central v17.3 platform.


Feature enhancements

Payroll - Deduction Categories for simple G/L Account mapping

We've modified how the Payroll deduction categories are setup in the simple G/L Account mapping (not the advanced mapping). The system will now display each deduction category in the G/L Account mapping section. This way you can map every deduction category to a separate G/L Account. Previously you could only have two categories (Post-tax Deductions and Pre-tax Deductions). To enable this, you'll need to go to the G/L Account Mapping section and click Get Accounts in the menu. This will insert all the deduction categories from your payroll. You'll then be able to map each category to the relevant G/L Account. 

In the Payroll Setup under the Advanced FastTab we've also added a new field Deduction Grouping with two options (G/L Account, Deduction Category). The default option will be G/L Account and it will group the imported payroll transactions for deductions by G/L Account. If the option is changed to Deduction Category then it will group the imported payroll transactions for deductions by Deduction Category. This new field Deduction Grouping will be enabled and used only if Advanced G/L Account Mapping field is not ticked.

Bank Feeds Indicator

We've added a new field Balance Last Statement into each Bank Account tile in the My Banking section in the role center.

BAS adjustments lines added to Wiise GST Statement

We've modified the Wiise GST Statement setup to include additional lines for the BAS adjustments that are required by ATO. This change is only applicable when creating a brand-new company in Wiise.

Updated colours on Wiise Documents

On all Wiise documents, we've modified the colour of the wording 'Powered by Wiise' to our brand colours.

Added Bin Code to the Landed Cost Receipt

We've added the default receiving bin code to the landed cost receipt page. 

Added new fields to Wiise Purchase Order report.

The following fields have been added to the Wiise Purchase Order report:

  • Company Fax No.
  • Buy-from Vendor Phone No.
  • Buy-from Vendor Fax No.
  • Buy-from Vendor Email
  • Purchase Line - Expected Receipt Date
  • Purchase Line - Description 2 

You can add these fields to your customised Word layouts.

Allow different option for Bal. Account Type field in Data Exchange Definition

We've modified the import function for journals to allow different options for the field Bal. Account Type. Now you can import options such as G/L Account, Vendor, Customer or Bank Account.

Added new fields to Wiise Sales Document 

The following fields have been added to the Wiise Sales Order, Wiise Sales Quote, Wiise Sales Credit Memo, Wiise Sales Invoice and Wiise Sales Shipment report:

  • Sell-to Customer Fax No.
  • Bill-to Customer Phone No.
  • Bill-to Customer Fax No.
  • Bill-to Customer E-Mail

You can now add these fields to your customised Word layouts.

Enablement of two new Business Central features

In Wiise you're now allowed to enable two new Business Central feature Action bar in dialogs and Check financial journals in background.

Fixed Asset Posting Type setup included in company setup

When you create a new company in Wiise, the system will also populate data for Fixed Asset Posting Type setup.


Resolution of reported bugs

US tax fields appearing on the Customer / Vendor cards after copying a company

This has now been fixed. When copying a company, you will no longer see US tax fields on the Customer and vendor cards. 

Last Bank Statement field not being populated when using bank feeds

When using bank feeds,  the Last Bank Statement field on the bank account card was not being populated when on the bank account reconciliation screen. This has now been fixed.

Incorrect tooltips on Wiise Standard Reports menus

We've corrected some tooltips in Wiise Standard Reports menus.

Incorrect budget amount in Wiise Income Statement by Period with Budget report

In some scenarios the report was showing incorrect budget amounts. This has now been fixed.

Incorrect value in the Amount Decimal Places field in Currencies

When creating a new company, the system was showing incorrect values in the Amount Decimal Places field. This has now been fixed. 

Invalid URL for Wiise Help and Support links

URL links to Wiise Help and Support have been corrected.

Batch Emailing of Invoices including CSV files from Incoming Documents

When sending batch sales invoices via email, the system was wrongly attaching CSV files from Incoming Documents. This issue has been fixed.

Sign inconsistency in Income Statement by Period report

In some cases the report was showing positive amounts instead of negative amounts. And the report totals were incorrect. This issue has been corrected.

Unable to use API V2 URLs

You're now able to use API v2 in your API URL calls.

Incorrect budget amount in Wiise Income Statement (Actual vs. Budget) report

The Income Statement (Actuals/Budget) report was not showing the budget amount if there was no actual amount. This issue has been fixed.

Additional information

Remember to uninstall any Per Tenant Extensions (PTE) you’ve developed and installed in your sandbox environment if they were published directly via VS code. These PTEs installed in your sandbox will be removed during the upgrade process.

Please note, account categories and subcategories will be mandatory for charts of accounts in all new companies.