What’s new in December 2020

Upgrade to Microsoft BC v17.1

We'll upgrade to the Microsoft Dynamics Business Central v17.1 platform (2020 release wave 2). 

You can find more info on the key updates at What's new and planned for Dynamics 365 Business Central.


Resolution of reported bugs

Duplicated Web Services with the same name as Wiise Timesheet

There were two web services, page 16034626 and page 16034658, with the same name as Wiise Timesheet. We've renamed page 16034658 to Wiise Timesheet. (with a dot at the end).

Unable to print Work Description on the Wiise Sales Credit Memo report

This printing issue has been fixed and the report now shows the correct work description.

EFT Remittance Advice report not printing correctly if Vendor email not set up

In some cases, when the vendor accounts didn't have an email account set up for more than one vendor, only one vendor account was printed. This issue has been fixed.

Unable to change Global Dimensions if used in the Payroll Location mapping

You weren't able to change the global dimension if it was used in the Payroll Location dimensions mapping. This issue has been fixed.

Incorrect total in the Balance Sheet By Period (Portrait) report

There was an issue with the totaling amounts in this report due to an incorrect date calculation. This issue has been fixed.

Error when using Import Sales Historical Data function

When trying to use this function the system was showing an XML import error. This issue has been fixed.

Job Task number field not being cleared when Job number was changed in Wiise Timesheet

When the Job number field was changed in a Wiise Timesheet, the field Job task number wasn't cleared. This issue has been fixed.

Feature enhancements

Fax No. from the Company information added to the Wiise reports

The Fax No. field has been added to these Wiise reports:

  • Sales Quote
  • Sales Order Confirmation
  • Sales Credit Memo
  • Sales Shipment
  • Sales Invoice

Vendor bank account details added to the Wiise Remittance Advice report

We've added three vendor information fields to the Remittance Advice report in the MS Word XML mapping:

  •  Vendor Bank Branch No.
  •  Vendor Bank Account No. 
  • Payment date 

Landed Cost Budgeting

This new feature allows you to set up a budget for your landed cost and allocate the budgeted cost against purchase receipts. This will enable you to cost your stock more accurately until the actual landed cost invoices come in. Find out more about landed cost budgeting.


Additional information

Remember to uninstall any Per Tenant Extensions (PTE) you’ve developed and installed in your sandbox environment if they were published directly via VS code. These PTEs installed in your sandbox will be removed during the upgrade process.

Please note, account categories and subcategories will be mandatory for charts of accounts in all new companies.