What’s new in August 2021

August release

This release includes updates to Wiise features but the platform version (Microsoft Dynamics Business Central v18.1) remains the same. 

Feature enhancements

Wiise-Shopify connector 

We've updated how the Shopify integration is set up in Wiise. To connect a Shopify store with Wiise, you'll need to install the new Wiise-Shopify connector in Wiise. Partners can request for the extension from support@wiise.com.

Our August release includes the following improvements to the existing Shopify integration.

  • Importing fulfilled Shopify orders into Wiise automatically posted them as they were considered shipped and invoiced. With this release, you can disable automatic posting from the Store Settings page.   
  • You can now import your Shopify orders created from The Iconic into Wiise.  
  • If you've enabled the new sales pricing feature from the Feature Management page, the updated item and variant prices (excl. GST) in Wiise will sync with Shopify. 
  • Easily identify orders from multiple Shopify stores by adding a prefix to orders from each store. To do this, head to Store Settings in Wiise. 

Improvements to the Wiise Reporting Pack

We've updated the below reports to show 0's instead of blanks for improved user experience.

  • Comparative Income Statement
  • Income Statement by Period with Budget
  • Income Statement (Actual vs Budget)
  • Balance Sheet By Period (Landscape)
  • Balance Sheet By Period (Portrait)
  • Balance Sheet by Period with Budget (Portrait)

New field in Wiise Sales Quote report

The Wiise Sales Quote report now has a new External Document No. field. 

Comment feature in Wiise Timesheets

NFP and Lite users can now enter comments in Wiise Timesheets.

Updates to the Item/Variant page

The Item/Variant page now lets you see prices including and excluding GST.

Resolution of reported bugs

Customer number not auto-populating in Wiise Standard Statement

Running the Wiise Standard Statement from a customer card did not auto-populate the customer number and users had to enter it manually. This issue has been fixed.

Formatting issues in Wiise Reporting Pack

Selecting Hide empty lines and Export to CSV options did not exclude the empty lines in the CSV file. This has been fixed in the following reports.

  • Income Statement (Actual vs Budget)
  • Income Statement by Period with Budget
  • Income Statement by Period (Landscape)
  • Income Statement by Period (Portrait) 
  • Comparative Income Statement

The budget name filter was missing in the Income Statement (Actual vs Budget) report. This has been fixed.

The date range calculation in the Income Statement by Period (Portrait) report was incorrect. This has been fixed.

The CSV files for Balance Sheet By Period (Portrait) and Balance Sheet By Period (Landscape) reports displayed incorrect dates. This has been fixed.

Additional Reporting Currency displaying incorrect amounts   

Selecting Show Amounts in Add. Reporting Currency displayed incorrect amounts in the following reports and has been fixed.

  • Comparative Income Statement
  • Income Statement by Period (Portrait)
  • Income Statement by Period (Landscape)

Issue with importing payroll transactions

There was an issue with importing Payroll transactions when the Payroll account name contained brackets. This issue has been fixed.

Incorrect tracking information on Wiise Shipping Label report

The Wiise Shipping Label report displayed incorrect tracking information. This issue has been fixed.