What’s new in August 2019

Platform upgrade

v14.3 BC platform release

Upgrade to the current Microsoft Dynamics Business Central v14.3 platform. Addresses current support requests, including:

  • Warehouse Receipt page - unable to view a single line whenever page is expanded
  • Issue with the "Calc. and Post GST Settlement" report in Wiise
  • Get Office 365 User fix - MS invoicing licence
  • Greater than 100 user error
  • Late Payment Prediction extension causing long running processes
  • GST Sales Entries page crash
  • Search name not visible on Customer Card
  • Fixed Assets - not able to acquire assets
  • Customer Statement balance filter failure
  • Sending Customer Statement with $0 balance
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 connection setup cannot run full synchronise option
  • System updating data in Posting Setup Edit List pages
  • Emailing documents error

To learn more about Business Central Releases go to Released Cumulative Updates for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.


New features

Lite Package for Not for Profit (NFP) Organisations

Created a new Lite experience for Not for Profit (NFP) organisations. On top of the standard Wiise Lite Package, eligible NFP organisations will have access to the following features:

  • Additional 6 reporting tags (dimensions)
  • Multiple inventory locations
  • Intercompany transactions
  • Program costing and profitability

Profit margin for each line item in Sales Quote & Invoice

On the Sales Quote, Sales Order and Sales Invoice pages, added the ability to view Original Profit (LCY), Original Profit %, Adjusted Profit (LCY) and Adjusted Profit % at the sales line level. These four columns are not visible by default. The user needs to personalise the page to make these columns visible.



Assign user licence to be moved to MS365 Portal

Given intermittent processing delays and errors occurring with the Assign Wiise License function on the User Management page in Wiise, this function now re-directs the user to assign licenses to users in the Microsoft 365 admin centre.

Resolution of reported bugs

Permission errors on CC and BCC fields in email dialog box

Added TableData 16034615 R/I/M/D into WIISE AU FULL ACCESS permission set as a permanent fix into the Wiise Extension and removed the hotfix PTE that was installed to address this bug.

Additional Information

Additional Information

With the ability to have multiple sandbox environments as part of the upgrade to the Business Central v14.1 platform, Wiise will be creating a "WiiseSandbox" for each customer tenant to facilitate testing and troubleshooting for product releases and support.

We will also be turning on production entitlements in all sandbox tenants as part of the release process.