Troubleshoot guide | Wiise Warehouse OnTime


Having issues with Wiise Warehouse OnTime? Learn below on what might be happening.

Encountering errors after updating the OnTime mobile app

If you encounter an error that states, “You’ll need to update your Wiise system to use OnTime. Please see your IT administrator” or “KBIZMobileAPI_CheckCompatibility”, you will need to upgrade your OnTime application in your Wiise environment or on your mobile device. Follow these steps to upgrade OnTime in your Wiise environment:

  1. Open the Business Central Admin Center for your tenant.

  2. Select the name of the environment for which you are using the OnTime application.

  3. Select Apps from the top menu bar.

  4. Locate the Wiise Warehouse OnTime application from the list.

  5. Select the Install Update button, under the Available Update Action column.

Encountering errors after updating the OnTime extension

If you have not encountered the error but are noticing issues while using OnTime, the app may need to be updated on your device. Check on your device's app store if there is an update is available. You can also check which version is installed on your device on the login screen.

If you are still encountering issues after updating OnTime on both Wiise desktop and your mobile device, reach out to the Wiise Support Team.