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Speed up your everyday tasks with these shortcuts

How to easily copy and paste your data

If you’re copying a list of inventory items to a sales invoice, copy and paste will do the job quickly. 

You can copy one or more rows from a list or a single field on a page, and then paste what you copied into the same page, another page, or an external document (like Microsoft Excel and Outlook email).  

  1. To copy, highlight the field, line or lines and press CTRL+C (cmd+in macOS). 
  2. Then to paste, press CTRL+V (cmd+V in macOS) in the new page or document. 
Get more done with this multitasking shortcut

If you’re working on multiple tasks at a time or dealing with interruptions like taking calls, you can open a new card or document page in a new window. This will let you keep a window open for your ongoing task while you start or complete another task in another window. 

  • To open the current card or document you're working on in a new window, press Alt+Shift+W
  • Or select the square pop-out page icon, next to Saved in the top right corner of the document. 

You'll now be able to move between tasks in different windows and hopefully be even more efficient at managing your day!

How to save data without a save button

When you've finished adding data or want to close a page, you're probably used to looking for a SAVE button. But there’s no SAVE button in Wiise.

Don’t worry – the record you're working on is created or updated as soon as you tab to the next field. There’s also a notification when the record has been saved, at the top right of the window - it says Saved.

If you've created a record incorrectly, Wiise will let you know with an error message so you can re-enter the information.