Review and approve credits


  • Learn how to review and approve credits 

Why do you need to review and approve credits? 

It’s good practice to review credits as you become aware of the reasons why sales credit notes get issued in your business. Setting up approval workflows is a best practice and establishes good internal controls.   

How to review and approve credits? 

Note: Your staff have created sales credit notes and are ready to process the credits. Your business has set up approval workflows, therefore before they can process the credits, you’ve been requested to review and approve the credits. You’re receiving the request to approve as you’re the approver who can approve the set limit on the pending sales credit note.  

Here are steps you can take to review and approve credits:  

  1. If the delegation of authority to approve credits has been set up in Wiise, staff will notice the following message that restricts them from processing the credits.  

    sales credit adjustment can't release
  2. On your Wiise landing page, scroll down to your list of tasks until you see Approvals.  
  3. Select the the task Requests to Approve to go to your list view. You can see in the Sender ID column who sent you credit to approve.  
  4. Once you’ve approved the credit, the status of the credit will be updated to Released and the sales cr/adj note can now be posted. 

What’s next? 

Now that the sales credit note has been approved, a team member can proceed to process and post the sales credit note. You can proceed to follow up on the supplier credit.  

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