Purchase Wiise licenses


  • Wiise licenses can be purchased during the sales process with your Wiise partner.
  •  Additional licenses can be added as you progress with using Wiise.  

Why purchase Wiise licenses 

  • You get value from our product as we have continued to invest in our solution to ensure that it remains a powerful tool for managing your business processes. 
  • By signing to a minimum annual subscription with Wiise, you’ll get to enjoy a discounted price and you’re protected against any potential price increases. 

How to purchase Wiise licenses 

It’s always best to ask your Wiise partner to place the Wiise license order for you as this gives you a chance to review your Wiise requirements and evaluate the number of Wiise licenses needed for your business. 

You can still request the purchase of Wiise licenses by yourself directly with Wiise Support. 

  • If you receive your Wiise license billing from your Wiise partner and have any questions with Wiise pricing, please reach out to your Wiise partner.  
  • Alternatively, if you purchase Wiise licenses directly with Wiise please feel free to reach out to Wiise Support

how to purchase wiise licenses email template

  1. In the subject line above, please specify the customer's name. For example: 'Requesting licences for [Customer Name]'. 
  2.  In the body of your email, just include:
  • Licence type 
  • Number of licenses  

And that's it! Our support team will get the ball rolling for you in no time.   

Note:  The cost of the additional licenses will appear in your next invoice and will be charged to your current payment method.  

Reach out to support@wiise.com if you have any questions to Wiise pricing.