Limitations & known issues with Square

Currently, not all features available in Square are supported by Wiise. To make things easier, we’ve pulled together a list of what features are supported and not supported by Wiise.



What we support

  • Credit card payments linked to items
  • Credit card payments not linked to items
  • Cash payments linked to items

What we don't support

  • Cash payments not linked to items
  • Tips (you can enter it in the POS system but it won't come into Wiise)
  • POS Payment Types: Gift Cards, Cheque, Invoices, Other Gift Card or Certificate, Other Payment Types



What we support

  • Credit card refund linked to an Item
  • Credit card refund not linked to an Item
  • Cash refund linked to an item before emptying the drawer

What we don't support

  • Cash refund linked to an item after emptying the drawer
  • Cash refund not linked to an item


Item pricing

What we support

  • Fixed price for items

What we don’t support

  • Discounts on item pricing


Item Inventory

We don't support multiple units of measures


We don't support shipping. Shipping has to be managed inside POS, not Wiise. For example, shipping instructions and shipping fees won't come into Wiise.

Synchronisation and reconciling inventory 

We can synchronise and reconcile inventory up to 200 items per location (including variants) to Square at a single time. Any items exceeding this limit will automatically be batched, and Wiise will sync to Square in the background. 

If Wiise needs you to take any action, you'll see this in the Status field on the Stores page. 

Known issues with Square

Here are the known issues that you may find in specific use cases with Square.

Known issue 1

  1. You make an item sale where payment is split between cash and a credit card.
  2. You then refund the item sale but you don't restock the item.

In this scenario, the refund for the credit card transaction will flow through to Wiise but the refund for the cash transaction won't flow through to Wiise.

Known issue 2

Rounding in POS isn’t supported for cash sales

  1. If you make a sale transaction for $1.78, the POS device may round it to $1.80.
  2. When imported to Wiise, the sale transaction will be imported to Wiise for $1.78. There will be a discrepancy of $0.02 between Wiise & Square.

In this scenario, the rounding has to be handled manually through the cash drawer transactions import process in Wiise (just like tips).