Limitations and known issues with Shopify

Limitations with Shopify

Currently, not all features available in Shopify are supported by Wiise. To make things easier, we’ve pulled together a list of the features that are and aren't supported by Wiise.


Supported features

  • Credit card payments
  • Cash payments

Not supported

  • Gift Cards


Supported features

  • Full refunds initiated from Shopify
  • Full refunds initiated from Wiise


Supported features

  • If a Shopify order is edited after it's paid and before it's fulfilled, the update won't sync to Wiise
  • Modified customer details in Shopify won't sync to Wiise if there's no order placed by that customer
  • A partially fulfilled order in Shopify will be imported as an unfulfilled order in Wiise. You'll need to manually adjust the order in Wiise. 

Item pricing & discounts

Supported features

  • Fixed price for items and variants sync from Wiise to Shopify
  • Discounts on orders imported from Shopify will reflect in Wiise

Not supported

  • Special sales prices and discounts defined in Wiise are not synced to Shopify pricing rules
  • Automatic discounts and discount codes defined in Shopify are not synced to Wiise special sales prices and discounts

Item Inventory

Multiple units of measures are not supported 



Supported features

  • Shipping from Wiise
  • Fulfilled and unfulfilled orders from Shopify
  • Shipping rates from Shopify as a separate line in Wiise orders

Not supported

  • Fulfilment from Shopify after the ordering process
  • Shipping rates definitions from Shopify to Wiise


Synchronisation and reconciling inventory 

We can synchronise and reconcile up to 25 items of inventory per location (including variants) to Shopify at a time/in one instance. Any items over this limit will automatically be batched and Wiise will sync to Shopify in the background. 

If you need to take any action, you can do so from the Status field on the Stores page. 

Known issues with Shopify

Listed below are known issues that you might find in specific use cases with Shopify.

Known issue 1

A maximum of 50 orders and 50 refunds can be imported in a single 'Import Transactions' process.

You can increase how often the Import Transactions process is scheduled to run.

Known issue 2

Shopify APIs are rate-limited depending on your subscription level. This may cause some Wiise Shopify synchronisation processes such as the below to run slowly:

  • Resync all items
  • Reconcile inventory for all items

Known issue 3

When you resync or reconcile the inventory of a lot of items while sales transactions are imported, you may receive the following error:

Errors were received from the external system. Status Code: TooManyRequests

Again, Shopify's rate-limiting APIs may sometimes prevent multiple API calls simultaneously. If this happens, simply resubmit the failed operation.

Known issue 4

In some orders, you might notice a small variance in your total tax amounts after you've updated your tax settings in Shopify. This variance is due to tax amounts being rounded at the line-item level, rather than at the invoice level. You can learn more about rounding calculations in Setting up taxes in Shopify.