How to view lists easily using Excel

  1. Start from the list you want to view in Excel, like your list of sales invoices or purchase orders. 
  2. Then select Page in the menu. You can choose to Open in Excel or Edit in Excel. 

Here's what each option will let you do:

Open in Excel 

The Excel workbook will contain the same rows and columns that appear on the page in Wiise – it keeps the same filters. 

You can make changes to the records in Excel, but you can’t publish the changes back to Wiise. You can only save the changes to the Excel file on your computer. 

Edit in Excel 

Excel keeps most of the filters on the page that limit the records shown – it will contain almost the same records and columns. 

The best thing about using the Edit in Excel action is that you can make changes to records in Excel and then publish the changes back to Wiise.