How to use match confidence fields to apply payments

What are the match confidence field options?

The table below shows the quality of the automatic payment match suggestion on the journal line - how good Wiise thinks the match is. You can select the field to see detailed information about why the payment was automatically applied or not.

When you're in the Payment Reconciliation Journal, you'll see one of these displayed in the Match Confidence field:

Accepted You have chosen the Accept Application action in the Payment Application window. 
High The payment has been applied automatically with high match confidence.
High – Text-to-Account Mapping The payment has been set to posting directly to the specified customer, vendor, or general ledger accounts based on the text-to-account mapping. Such payments are not applied to open entries.
Medium The payment has been applied automatically with medium match confidence.
Low The payment has been applied automatically with low match confidence.
Manual You have edited the line or that you have applied the payment manually in the Payment Application window. When you choose to Accept Application in the Payment Reconciliation Journal window, the value changes to Accepted.
None The payment is not applied, either because it could not be automatically applied, you have removed an application, or you have manually created the line.


Here are the payment application rules that are set up. These may be different in your installation.

Match confidence Priority Related party matched Doc. No./Ext. Doc. No. Matched Amount Incl. Tolerance Matched
High 1 Fully Yes - multiple One match
High 2 Fully Yes - multiple Multiple matches
High 3 Fully  Yes One match
High 4 Fully Yes Multiple matches
High 5 Partially Yes - multiple One match
High 6 Partially Yes - multiple Multiple matches
High 7 Partially Yes One match
High 8 Fully No One match
High 9 No Yes - multiple One match
High 10 No Yes - multiple Multiple matches
Medium 1 Fully Yes - multiple Not considered
Medium 2 Fully Yes Not considered
Medium 3 Fully No Multiple matches
Medium 4 Partially Yes - multiple Not considered
Medium 5 Partially Yes Not considered
Medium 6 No Yes One match
Medium 7 No Yes - multiple Not considered
Medium 8 Partially no One match
Medium 9 No Yes Not considered
Low 1 Fully No No matches
Low 2 Partially No Multiple matches
Low 3 Partially No No matches
Low 4 No No One match
Low 5 No No Multiple matches

In the Payment Application Rules window, you can choose how closely you want data on a payment reconciliation journal line to match with data on an invoice or credit memo. You'd do this before the related payment is automatically applied to the invoice or credit memo. 

You'll then be able to see the quality of each automatic application (according to the application rules) in the Payment Reconciliation Journal. It will show as a value of Low to High in the Match Confidence field.