How to troubleshoot Jet Reports performance issues

Check for macros in the Jet Report Excel file

Jet Reports don't support Excel macros. So it's recommended that you disable and remove any macros set up in the workbook.

Here's how to check if there are macros set up in the Excel Workbook:

  1. First open up your Excel workbook.
  2. Then select ALT +F8 to open up the macro page.
  3. This will show you any macros enabled in the workbook. 
  4. You can then remove the macros from the macro page.

For more information about Jet Report macros, check out Can I use Excel Macros with the Jet Excel Add-in.

Can you use multiple sheets in Jet Reports?

In Jet Reports, it's recommended that you don't use multiple reports (multiple sheets) within one workbook. It's also recommended that you don't include references to other workbooks.

Instead, split reports with multiple sheets into individual Excel files rather than one Excel workbook. This will improve the performance and speed of the Jet Reports.