How to link CommBank Simplify with Wiise

First, set up a CommBank Simplify Merchant facility.  

Then, you can go ahead and link CommBank Simplify with Wiise: 

  1. Start from the Wiise role centre (the homepage of Wiise) and go to the My Banking section. 
  2. Select Setup CommBank Simplify. Then select Next to get started. 
  3. Now open a separate browser window and log in to the Commbank Simplify Portal
  4. Go to the API Keys in the CommBank Simplify Portal Settings
  5. Once you've found the API Keys and make sure they have the type Live
  6. Now you'll need to copy the Public and Private key values to the corresponding fields in Wiise. You can watch this video to learn how to access your API keys. 
  7. On the next screen, select the bank account where your CommBank Simplify payments are received.  This account needs to be set up already in Wiise. Check that the Bank Acc. Posting Group field is set for this account. This is so your transactions will appear in the general ledger (your account summary in Wiise) 

Note: CommBank Simplify setup can't be completed unless the account is set up in Wiise. And the Bank Acc. Posting Group field is set correctly. 

Tip: You can set up the Bank Acc. Posting Group field from the setup wizard. Select the ... button and select the account. Then select Edit in the header to update details of this account.