How to set up journal opening balances for a new company


  1. The first step is to create a configuration package that includes the setup tables for those journals. For more information, see Set Up Company Configuration. Your IT Partner will provide you with the right package to apply. 
  2. Make sure you're on the Quickstart Services Implementer Role Center. To set this up, go to Changing Basic Settings
  3. Search for and select general journal batch and select More Options. Under Actions, select Opening Balance
  4. Now select the appropriate master data records you want to import Opening Balances against. 
  5. Once the journal batch is filled in, you can edit the opening balance amounts from within the journal batch. However, we recommend that you export to Excel by selecting Page in the ribbon. 
  6. Next, open the file in Excel. You can easily add, edit and delete lines. You can also split opening balances by dimensions etc. 
  7. Before you import the saved opening balances Excel file, we recommend that you delete the blank lines you used to populate the records. Select the ... and choose Select more
  8. Now highlight all lines and select Manage > Delete from the ribbon. 
  9. To import the saved/updated opening balances file, select Process in the ribbon. And then select Import journal lines from CSV 
  10. Finally, select the required file and this will import the lines, ready for you to process.